Playing Elite Dangerous In The Pimax 5K Super At 180hz and Yaw VR Motion Simulator Live!

I can’t believe I let this slip by but it looks like my 6 year anniversary here on YouTube was 3 weeks ago so I thought it was well past due that I put on the old Starfleet hoodie and com badge and climb back into the cockpit of my trusty starfighter in Elite Dangerous again.

Needless to say a lot has changed since the days of me playing Elite in my Oculus DK2 and custom built Battle Chair… Long gone are the nights and days of filming my gameplay in that that old apartment living room where I logged so many hours trying to get people excited for the second coming of consumer VR. So, flash forward six years and I’m now in purpose built VR studio room and I have since traded my old Battle Chair for a cool Yaw VR motion simulator, but in the end some things have never changed… I am still just as excited for the future of virtual reality as I was back then and I still preach it every day and am truly humbled that so many of you have decided to join me on this wild ride! Here’s looking forward to the next six years and I can’t wait to share it with each and every one of you… What a long strange trip it’s been! []-)

Tonight at 9:00pm CST we are gonna be kicking it up a notch from the old days though as I will be playing Elite Dangerous in my new Pimax 5K Super at 180hz and doing it in the Yaw VR personal motion simulator.


that’s cool.Can you share your seting?how many FPS did you get in ED ?

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Dude, I like your videos, you’re so VR enthusiast, which contrasts so much with people moanings and only focusing on each single thing that is not right instead of enjoying the hell out of their VR device and saying how incredibly more immersive it is compared to flat screens.
A true breath of fresh air.
keep it up bro.

By the way, concerning the 5k super at 180hz, how many stable FPS do you manage to get?
I mean, on my 5k+ I noticed that a solid and stable 72 FPS on the 72hz mode is a way smoother experience than a fluctuating 90-100 FPS at 120 HZ for exemple, (reaching less FPS than the framerate = stutters in VR) so how do you get 180 FPS (if you do) ?
Is it a real 180 FPS or is it a 90 FPS x 2 thanks to Smart smoothing?

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Hey thanks so much… I never wanted to be one of those who nitpick every little thing… I just wanted to share my true love and passion for VR with the world so I am glad it shows this way!!! As for my FPS on the Super at 180hz I have been getting asked a lot about this over on Reddit so when I post my official review in the next few weeks I will make sure to try and add a counter to some gameplay testing vids. I normally don’t do this as I like the cleaner look to what I post but I feel it would be relevant and apreciated for this one so stay tuned! []-)

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I didn’t have a counter running but I can tell you that it was very solid and a noticeable improvement. I will try and add an FPS counter to the gameplay portions of my official review which I am hoping to have ready within the next 2-3 weeks so please stay tuned! []-)

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