Please bring back the 64Hz option


The 64Hz refresh rate option in the newer pitools is disappeared. Pimax team, please bring that option back. It is very useful for sim racing games that do not require fast Hertz, but instead smooth/jitter free are more important factors, when using a non top of the line graphic card/increased supersampling.

The pimax hardware still support 64Hz. This can be seen by the fact that I can use an older pitool to switch to the 64Hz, and the refresh rate remains when I reinstall the newer version pitool. However, if I change to a different refresh rate in the newer pitool, it is not possible to change it back to 64Hz. The only way is to install the order version pitool, and change it to 64Hz, and reinstall the newer pitool. This is too troublesome and irritating.

Please, Pimax team, bring that option back. Especially when the hardware still supports that mode. All you have to do is to add the 64Hz option in the UI. And, please also add the 64Hz in the upcoming Pimax Experience if possible.



64 Hz should also be good for showing VR videos (most 60 Hz).

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I discovered that we can enable 64hz by editing C:\Users\yourdesktopname\AppData\Local\Pimax\runtime\profile.json.

Just edit the line that has “display_timing_selection” : (your desired option, from 0 to 4) to “display_timing_selection” : 2 .

Than, save the file and restart service in Pitools. Voila! Now you have back 64hz refresh rate.

I made a shortcut to this file in my desktop, so I can edit it easilly.


I’d really like to see a 72Hz option for my 8KX (at native res). It’s really good for watching movies, but the framerate is a bit jerky at 75Hz. That isn’t a multiple of 24Hz, which is what most cinema movies are filmed at.


This is brilliant, thanks for sharing!!


100 percent agree! I wonder if Rivas10 hack for the 64hz option would allow us to add our own options like 72Hz. I have a feeling it isn’t that easy and I don’t really want to break anything trying to find out.

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Would this allow us to add timings that weren’t previously in PiTool or only ones that were in there but have since been removed?

It probably requires that the setting be in the headset firmware. For example, I doubt we could add a refresh rate to the 8KX.

You are probably correct. Interestingly, I remember @mirage335 saying that there were multiple options for the 8KX refresh rate on his unit, so hopefully we will have 72Hz soon!

No, this only allows refresh rates that are enabled by the firmware.
There are 5 options, from 0 to 4, and they don´t seek an apparently logic.

I´m not sure, but I think the corresponding refresh rate for each number is this:
0 -> 72hz
1 -> 90hz
2 -> 64hz
3 -> 120hz
4 -> 144hz


Very interesting! Thank you for sharing your discovery and for clarifying.

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And I expect those values are only appropriate for a 5K+ headset.

The 8K has 64, 72, and 80 Hz, but the index probably differs from the 5K+.

Seems to me like chronological order.
72Hz - first running stable before able to reach 90Hz
90Hz - kickstarter target refresh rate
64Hz - refresh rate requested by backers
120Hz - when they started experimenting with highrer resfresh rates
144Hz - the last & the max they could reach on 5k+