Please poke Support for questions/comments!

Hi Community,

We saw a gap between the need of support and the workload we can handle right now.
so we are exploring more efficient way to address your questions and comments.

Any question about shipping, please contact the support team @Pimax-Support /

Any suggestions about product, please at mention the product manager @PM_Sean, Sean will forward your posts to the software/hardware/optics engineers.

And, we have a team of enthusiasts here that are willing to chat with you about VR. To reach out the group, please poke @Community

Confirmed answers to the frequently asked questions will be updated here: Pimax 5K+/8K FAQ (updating)

Thanks for your support and understanding!


Thanks xunshu :slight_smile:

Hi @Pimax-Support,

Iā€™m an early backer for 5k and upgraded to 8k by adding $150, if I choose to get the 5k+ instead, will I get $150 to spend on accessories instead of $100?

I think you should get $250 then, actually :confused:

The $100 Pimax gives you back if you choose 5k over a 8k is the price difference.

@anon23564932, in FAQ, is it possible to add a concrete date for point 12? At least add the date when you answer question 12 so that we know when you said this. Thank you.

"The M2 testing units will be ready this and next week. "

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The topic is a guide, please follow the guide to poke the team in the forums.
Meanwhile, the moderators and @Community leaders will list the most important questions in the special category