Please stop hijacking threads on this forum for off-topic conversations

Please stop hijacking threads on this forum for off-topic conversations

Every time there’s a thread about a specific topic, ie Pimax 8K X delivery, sooner or later, they devolve into discussions about other things because a user hijacked it to talk about tracking issues, audio, etc.

I get it, it’s human nature to move from one topic to another, but if we want to keep this forum organized we must:

  1. Keep the focus of a thread on the main topic at hand.
  2. If you have something important to ask but it’s not directly related, please make a new thread.
  3. Before making a new thread, look around the forum to see if the topic already has a thread about it in the past week or so. If one exists, post there.
  4. If you want to respond to someone’s off-topic comment in a thread, consider making a new thread and directing users to continue the conversation there. Should still follow rule number 3.

Following this etiquette prevents threads from becoming a mess, allows Pimax to respond faster, and saves many of us from scrolling through hundreds of comments or notifications about things we don’t care about.

What’s considered on-topic or off-topic depends on how broad or narrow the thread creator intended.


I agree - this just happened in a thread I started where I wanted to get clarification about 8K X Shipment dates, and then people started to talk about index controllers not tracking and other problems.

If there’s an issue that needs to be addressed, post it up in the appropriate rooms so it gets the proper attention. By adding it to comments in a different thread, when people search for info and then see 50 comments that go off topic, it doesn’t help other users. I love digging in the forums when i have issues that need to be fixed, but not when issues are jumbled together.


That is an issue with some pimax members evading questions folks ask. So many chase one to see ifvan answer can be obtained.

As per community guidelines you are responsible to help keep your topic on point. And ask for a mod or leader to help if folks ignore your requests.


I had an uncle named Dustin.

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