Poor Man's Game 2d2VR

Poor Man's Game 2d2VR

Here is a free program that may allow 2d games to be played in VR. By converting displayed image to VR. Still new & not likely to the Level of features that VorpX. But for the price worth checking out.

No haven’t tried it yet.


Thanks for sharing, Helio :+1::+1::+1:

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Your welcome will likely start skimming steam freebies again for possible goodies. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Seems like a plan! :slight_smile:

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Yes, thank you, since it is free it definitly worth a try :+1::+1:

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I tried it on the Pimax 4k. cant get it to work at all…

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Hey did a preliminary test on Killing Floor 2.

Didn’t work great & crashed shortly after. Going to try something less demanding.


  • Launched Nero GameVR
  • Added game.exe to list
  • Edit profile
  • Launch SteamVR
  • From Library launched game

Killing floor 2 seems to work but need to tweak more. Game is kind of still flat.

Some games work while others seem to launch in theater mode only. Ctrl Right mouse switches from attached to hmd & detached (mouse look when attached)

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i want to see if i can get it to launch arma 3 so i can try vehicles etc… but i am still not sure which exe to add??

so i added all of them :slight_smile: still does not work tho :frowning:

i get arma 3 loading but as soon as the loading screen get 1/2 way through steamvr closes saying unexpected error and plays on desktop only… shame

Should just be the arma3launcher.exe

That’s what I added for kf2.

After adding it you can modify Game settings but need to find info on what these settings do.

With Nero VR open. Launch SteamVR. Then from your desktop library launch Arma3. It should have a steam dialog mentioning launching in both desktop & vr headset.

It may start briefly in Theater mode but should expand. Using Ctrl right mouse you should be able to detach so you can view menu (screen locked in place). Attaching screen should give mouse look.

Kf2 still very flat no depth effect. Maybe first setting might affect depth. But don’t know.

A couple others like Ethan Carter Redux(non vr) only launches in theater mode. But may need to retry.

yea i was getting there, i get the steam dialog, then steamvr errors and closes… then arma 3 launches without vr and pimax headset just says pimax logo inside it… before it crashes i can see the loading screen inside the hmd, i think its just cause steamvr crashes.

also cant see a way of removing a game from nero gamevr?

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Yeah doesn’t seem to have a remove option. But if it’s not running doesn’t affect launch on desktop.

Might be able to stablize it by loading Taskmanager & assign SteamVR & Nero VR to other cpu cores. @douglaster had a tutorial using prio? To automate assiging VR processes to other cores. (He reccomnended last core)

just tried that, assigned steam and nero vr to cpu 7 and started it all up… steamvr crashed during loading screen again.

Just might not be compatible with that title.

Think isn’t csgo has a free version?

It doesnt work with StarCitizen lol.
But…almost…at least it dont crash.
But it is on theater, zoomed as hell and everything is green, no textures…but can log off the game while on bed ^^

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yea looking at the way its rendering, from what i can see in the loading screen it is running the game in a theater mode but zoomed in to cover all of your vision. bit like virtual desktop by the looks of it. just has a pretty low success rate on all the non vr games i tried.

in fact i cant even get Alien Isolation working on it, and it works with revive injection… so go figure.

Also cant seen to find anyway of contacting devs or even find a proper user guide, i would be keen to test this further though.


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Alien Isolation best to use the mod. It works really nice. That dev is releasing a mod for Halo this month.

But yeah documentation is really poor & as said atm only zoomed. The add program i believe allows you to look for game process.

Could have potential down the road though.

Ctrl-Right Mouse button changes view from attached to hmd to detached.

I tried shortly Half life 1 and Bioshock (dont know which part). It is simple and smart, but not ideal.


  • It is possible to bind some vr buttons (check text files from install folder, it is intuitive, at least some parts).
  • I can change game vr window size


  • Pimax big fov is not natural with Nerovr. Something is wrong, probbably I need extra program that will extend game fov more than possible in game settings.
  • I wish to send game window further away, to make it adjustable. And maybe curved window.
  • poor documentation (i.e. I do not know how to bind all possible vr keys, just some)
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