Population One - Get this

Grabbed it this morning and literally lost the whole day. I normally dislike VR battle royale games like Onward and Pavlov (they’re boring) but this is so fun. Reminds me of my Tribes 1 days…

And it looks really good on the 8KX - no aliasing. The graphics are pretty basic, though with my 3090 I’m seeing sub-10ms frametimes.


Onward and Pavlov aren’t battle royals, there are some other vr BR like stand out and vr battlegrounds but indeed they are more slow paced

Wonder if you’ve tried Standout VR. It’s the best Battle Royale for VR and still better than Pop1

I tried it a while back but refunded quickly. Just too janky and buggy.

Looked at its stats and it takes almost 5 mins to join a game with human players.

No thanks.

Yea i got the game too even at my age i like it very much lol…
I have the game for the 8kx and also for the quest 2.

It looks good on the 8kx but also on the quest 2.
the graphics are indeed very very simple.

But the gameplay is very fun…
I play it more on the quest 2 then on the pimax 8kx because off the wireless freedom and far better comfort.And i still have a crosseye feeling on the 8kx,i cant get it right.

But the game is a recommedation on all platforms…

Did you buy the oculus version for cross-buy with the Quest 2, or did you buy a separate Steam version and Quest version?

yes i did buy the oculus version so i can play it on the quest 2 standalone but also on the pimax 8kx

Looks like Fortnite VR. Fun I guess. But where are the holographic sights?

No way am I happy with the idea of point shooting at those distances like PavlovVR in the old days, it’s a bad habit!

There are sights. Actual 2X scopes etc are horrrible though as it just shows the small magnified circle in both eyes.

YMMV but I found very little visual difference between the three gfx settings. I found it best to set it to the lowest or middle and up the SS. With my 2080TI I can use 200% in steamVR on normal FOV with no problem in the 8KX.

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Nobody mentioned the most important information, does it need parallel projection mode? and none of this “its playable if you close one eye around water and particles” , did they implement canted screen correctly in all effects?

It’s fine with PP off. I have played ~ 3 hours total. I have not tried with PP on so I can’t be absolutely certain all effects are perfect … but everything looks fine to me.


i have it but im from aus so i get a really high ping ive won like 4 game i think

Tried it. Not my game for the most part - very silly - but indeed, it is playable.

There is one trick though - set refresh rate to >90Hz. At 72Hz, there was some odd stuttering (obviously the game was not designed for that).

What is interesting is just how low the CPU and GPU requirements are for number of players and amount of graphics displayed. This was obviously made for the Quest, but on PCVR, can be pushed up to insane combinations of supersampling and refresh rate. Like >3x TotalSR at >120Hz would not be even half way to the point of needing any smart smoothing.

One thing I did not like so much was the lack of Push-To-Talk (like PavlovVR), or consequences for being heard by opposing players nearby (like Onward). This basically guaranteed there would always be at least one or two players on my own team with their microphone in - echo mode. And everyone just puts up with it.

Oh by the way, no Parallel Projections, and Foveated Rendering does not work.