Population One is stuttering on Pimax 8kX

I have stuttering issue for Population one with Pimax 8kX, FPS is steady 75 but it has micro stuttering all the time. It’s very obvious while claiming.

I cannot found out what is cause that problem. Is there any one have an idea for it?

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same here :roll_eyes:

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hey Lathander:
If you need any technical support, please contact technicist and submit a ticket they will do that for you.

And then you can give me the ticket number if you want me to follow up for you~

I have only when i climb.
I don’t think it’s a pimax problème.

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Yeah, the issue only exists for climbing for me as well.

This happened when I used my 5k+ at 72Hz. Moving to a higher refresh rate solved the problem. Seems to be a bug with Population One - they must use the display refresh as some kind of internal ‘tick’.

That said, PavlovVR, Onward, DCS World, are much better. :slight_smile:

Population one is pretty fun. I enjoy it.

I guess that is the highest possibility. Is “Force” to render specific frame rate possible?

If so, Do you know how to do that? set in graphic card control panel doesn’t help for VR games.

No. You must set the refresh rate of the headset.

A long time ago, playing Onward at anything less than 90Hz used to be considered ‘cheating’ because then players could actually run faster. Also, Smart Smoothing did not affect it, so this sort of thing must be some kind of VSync to display refresh rate.

This seems to be a similar bug.

The stutter only happens with th steam version. The oculus version runs fine on the 8kx.

If you are using vr experience beta. Import the game from within that pitool and have pop1 launch via the pitool launcher. this fixes all lag BUT you lose access to steam vr menu and bindings.

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My experience is it doesn’t like < 90 Hz as others have said. Tested on 8KX both refresh rates, and my 5K+ 90 and 144, and my brother has experienced the same with index 80 vs 120 Hz.

i try to start from pitool, but steam vr is starting annyway. when i closed steam totally . steam vr start when i lunch the game from pitool.