Possible Cure Devloped for VR/Simulator Sickness Without Drugs

Looking at this I am wondering if this could be a module/add-on for the Pimax headsets. Really interesting stuff.

So called “magical technology”, or similar, very often proved to be either a fraud, or even worse. So, until it independently and scientifically proved by reliable sources, it doesn’t worth anything.

Right the research needs to be peer reviewed but this still looks promising.

They try to do some kind of DOS attack on the brain with constant vibrations. I’m not sure that it is a good thing. Anyway, I’m not sensitive to motion sickness, so for sure I not ever going to use drugs or such questionable tech.

I’m more interesting in galvanic stimulating, where you “feel” turning and feel the gravity. Sounds amazing.

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Right so this device is not targeted at you not I for that matter as I don’t get sick. I don’t really see it as being an issue with sounds and vibrations as you experience that in some form or another everyday, but long term effects may be an issue as the question with any new technology/drug.

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Best cure is growing your vr stomach by hiting Elite Dangerous CQC fighter GU-97 into station. 10 times per day and you dont need extra modules :slight_smile:

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VR sickness is the opposite of travel sickness, i.e. your eyes see you moving but your brain doesn’t have the corresponding feedback. What you need is a motion sim that gives your other senses that stimulation to back up what your eyes are telling you

I rather enjoy rolling the SRV down mountains.

Vr flight sim in a chair mounted to a robot. Let the Gs & world spin. Please have barf bag mounted like horse feeding bag to protect on lookers. Lol


LOL (20 char…)

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