Post here if your support ticket has been unanswered [closed, see the last post ]

As the title says, the purpose of this thread is to serve as a last resort if your support request has been left in limbo for a long time or hasn’t been answered at all.
DON’T create a new ticket for the same issue as it will only create confusion and mix-ups.

To serve the purpose of this thread, I will add new tickets only if they have been unaswered for minimum of ONE WEEK.
I got confirmed by Pimax that the list of solved tickets posted in here will be updated twice a week, so I can edit the list accordingly.

@Konger @Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA
I’ll encourage the forum Leaders to move the posts with ticket+number queries from elsewhere to under this thread.

List updated 25.12.2019

|#19565 @Chubchub |Replied|
|#20230 @wilcovertegaal |Replied|
|#20525 @VPider |Replied|
|#19206 @Crump |Replied|
|#18403 @Zerax |Replied|
|#20057 @Yata_PL|Replied|
|#20138 @tld28 |Replied|
|#18708 @destraudo |Replied|
|#17474 @SirOskar |Replied|
|#20274 @Void |Awaiting processing|
|#19187 @Nostrildumbass |Replied|
|#18628 #18966 @koochy_rat |Replied|
|#20192 #20920 @Milopapa |Replied|
|#18617 @TheKingslayer_nl |Replied|
|#17958 @wildzz |Replied|
|#19565 @asampal |Replied|
|#20994 @Scy0846 |Replied|
|#20331 @mp4x |Replied|

#20204 @Jcp219 |Replied|
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#20465 @xairrick |Replied|
#20086 @MacLeod |Replied|
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#21079 @TheSwanCollective |replied|
#20253 @BBernes |replied|
#18860 @Conrox |replied|
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#19521 @MrAhlefeld |replied|
#17988 @jeroen
#21575 @tangorn description


Created a ticket for cracked housing November 5th. Had sporadic replies, but have still yet to have an RMA setup. It has been a week since the last response.

Edit: Ticket number #19565


Ticket number #20230, created on 16 November. 5K+ going black after a few minutes consistently. One single reply, on 25 November.

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Was told 25/10/19
"Hi Alex,

I created a return label for you.

Please print out the attached two documents and paste them on the box, and contact the local logistics to pick up.

Meanwhile, please take pictures of the box and send them to me. I will arrange a new headset for you when the return arrived.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

1ZA1Y4886872406274 - Delivered: 29 October 2019 15:00

Was told on 26/11/19

"Hi Alex,

I’m sorry, it’s my fault that the shipment hasn’t been delivered to you yet.

I did not confirm the stock of the overseas warehouse in advance. At present, all the 8K of the overseas warehouse are out of stock.

We have transferred the new headsets to overseas warehouses, but it looks like it may take another week or so.

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. When the new machine arrives overseas. I will arrange to deliver the goods for you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support."

Was told on 16/5/19
I have checked your ticket, noticed that the headset was bought from another backer.
because your ticket is too behind, I may miss it so just reply you here.
please PM me your private email, we make the subsequent returning procedure.
or just send message to

I have pages and pages of them, need any more?


Your a Canadian. I recommend you contact Pimax North America either by emai or phone.
I contacted them after a week by phone and gave them my ticket#. Got a return label next day. Had my replacement in 10 days. They ship out of Florida.
I found my replacement was made Jan 19 and it has been solid and perfectly calibrated (my IPD is right on, no need for offsets). GL

The North American Support Center is now open. You can email us at: or call at 407-567-7788. (Hours 9-5 EST M-F)

PS: Make sure to insist they mark the return as an RMA return or you will get tax and brokerage charges. Still trying to recover that.


I contacted NA initially. And because of lack of stock I was directed to Shanghai. Kim was great but unfortunately unable to help me out with the RMA.


Sorry to hear that. Guess I got in under the wire last month, before they ran out.
Why am I not surprised China can’t keep it’s US depot stocked. :smile:


Got a 210$ coupon code because my pledge only included controllers and a headset and I wanted to put the money towards the upgrade plan. Unfortunately the code doesn’t work. Made a ticket a few days ago and still no reply. Ticket #20948

Created a ticket for order cancellation after getting no answer to my comment on the store page.
Ticket number: #20,525


Ticket number #18520.

I sent my 5K+ to Pimax for RMA on 7 Nov.
Matthew confirmed it and he said Pimax send new one within two days, on 17 Nov.

However, I have not received head set nor tracking number.
I asked many times to Pimax support and Matthew, but ignored.


Added your ticket to the “to be solved” list and updated your title. Are you a kickstarter backer?

Reposted from the other thread-

Order #20657

I ordered Plan C with Option 2- keep eye tracking. I ordered within the first 4 days when Pimax had INCORRECT prices listed on the website. Matthew Xu confirmed on multiple different posts I will be able to use my overpayment towards the eye tracking module. This was BEFORE Pimax lowered the prices by another 100 dollars. I created this ticket because I was told to by Pimax via email. They owe me $200 I would like to put it all towards eye tracking.

Thank you for your quick respons.
And Yes, I am a backer.

Hi @TrevorVR,

Thanks for putting this together. This is my post from another thread but additional visibility never hurts.

My support issue is 19206. I responded to the email on October 31st as I was told just to do Plan G, which did not answer the question.

I backed/paid for an 8KX and paid the upgrade for the full package with lighthouses and controllers. Great, Plan G would have answered that. The question however was that I backed an additional pair of controllers (since at that time the Kickstarter had them offering a choice of trackpad or thumbstick). So by ordering the second set, I would have a set of each. Additionally, I paid for an additional headstrap with headphones to go with the included headstrap without headphones that went with it. So that was my question, what options did I have? Since I paid another $210-$220 for the controllers, would they just offer me the $179 upgrade to take the controllers now? Or with that amount and the additional headstrap cost, could I get the 8KX with the deluxe headphones and put these costs paid toward it and just pay a bit more for the difference? Just asking what all options that I had. Also, I have the loaner 8K and will be sending it back once I receive an RMA.

Have a great weekend.


#18403, Reply on november 10th 2019, no answer


#20057 - Yata_PL please add to the list -RMA , my broken headset based tracking since 24th of Nov is in Shangahi UPS Wearhouse. Pimax dont collect it and dont send me new one also I asked 2 times questions about upgrade but so far didnt recived answer.


@Konger @Matthew.Xu remember to notify me or edit the list yourselves when the tickets are cleared.

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@TrevorVR Yes, we will. Thanks for support!



Send my headset to exchange because of house is cracking but do not get a exchange.

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