Post your VR setup here :D

Time to do some time wasting for the long 8kX wait

I know you guys are hiding alot of cool setups and VR equipment out there, so let’s see em :smiley:
I’ll start, here’s my (Oldschool Powemac G5 mod)

i7-3770K @ 4.6Ghz
Inno3D GTX 1080Ti
A bunchload of SSD’s 2 of them M.2 in Pci-E adapters
Just added a Pci-E USB3 card with 2A outputs, 8A in total (for the new 8kX) :grin:
All H20 cooled in a full custom loop
34" Asus ROG Swift PG348Q 100Hz G-Sync “Pancake screen”
Logitech G27 with H-Shifter and Pedals
Pimax 5K+
Valve Index Controllers
2 Valve LH’s
Lighthouses and PSU for Pimax 5K+ is attached to a Philips Hue Smartplug, that I can turn ON/OFF from a “smart tile” in the StartMenu.

Just need to make a frame for the G27 for the chair as well.

aka. “What do you mean? I rounded to a reckless only four decimals - four! - I can’t work with this sort of lack of precision!”
@jojon Thanks :crazy_face:


My crate stands open to the elements and has a tangle of wires hanging out of it… Just need the handcrank and chicken perch expansions. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got a decent setup, but it’s not particularly cool (so no pics):

i7-8700K (6 cores / 12 threads) 3.7 GHz, 32 GB DDR4 3600 ram
MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio (factory overclocked)
3 TB SSDs + 7 TB hard drives for backup
ASUS MG28UQ 28" 4K FreeSync gaming monitor
1 Base station
8K, soon to be replaced with an 8KX
Logitech G25 steering wheel, shifter, and pedals
Logitech X52 HOTAS with MonsterTech quick release chair mounts (which cost significantly more than the HOTAS!):

I really like the MonsterTech mounts. They also have table mounts and sim rigs of high quality (German) which are very sturdy.


16Gb of ram
GTX 1080.
SSD for sys and games.
HDD for storage.
x52pro hotas+proflight pedals+passenr seat out of a Golf Mk2 with shakers mounted for Elite Dangerous

I built this machine back in early 2015 when i started playing Elite using a diy IR head tracking trig, 8gb of ram and a radeon 5850.
Upgraded to oculus dk2 in mid 2015.
Vive on release day in 2016.
16gb of ram and 1080 in preparation for Fallout 4 VR.
Got my pimax 5k+ in early 2019.

My play space is 3.6x2.4 meters with foam mats laid down for dampening.


I built a system around an A4-SFX case to have a portable, reasonably fast and upgradable system. These have the size of an external GPU but can house the entire PC (

Hardware has to be specifically chosen to keep noise under control and to fit. E.g. the GPU can only be 2 slots (2.5 slots for the new version) wide, and only smaller CPU coolers (or quite small AIOs) fit.
Running a 65W Ryzen 1700 CPU and a reference design, slightly undervolted GTX 1080 TI.
The system is unhearable in idle and not disturbing under load.


Nice, I have the same case but have a 2080ti in it. The power you can pack in there is pretty amazing for the size


That is a sweet case! With Corsair’s new 750w sfx psu can really sandwich a lot of power.


8086k @ 5.2 ghz, Phantek glacier cpu waterblock, Asus rog Maximus XI Formula MB, 64gb ddr4 3200, 1200 Corsair PSU, RTX 2080ti with EK waterblock. Clocked to 2100 MHz. 480 basement rad on push pull fan. 480 rad along the top and 360 rad in the front.

DOF reality P3 motion platform


Hell yeah !! sweet setup:+1:

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Fractal Design Define R6
Intel i9-9900k
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi
Gigabyte 2080 Ti Gaming OC
Corsair RM750X PSU
Corsair Hydro 150i Pro
Intel 280Gb Optane 900P AIC PCIe
Samsung 1Tb 970 Evo Plus
Asus PG279Q ROG 27" 1440p IPS Gsync 144Hz
Corsair M65 Pro mouse
Cosair Vengeance 2x16Gb 3200C16
Das Keyboard 4 PRO (beautiful)
Herman Miller Embody ergonomic chair (just wow)
Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS
Acoustic Energy Aego M 2.1 speakers
beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones
Studio with MOTU soundcard and Genelec monitors if better sound required hehe
Multi-coloured lights to a minimum for me, I prefer understatement to the Fast n Furious look. Same for the old Subaru :stuck_out_tongue:


PC short spec:

i7-8700K @ 4.8Ghz
16GB RAM 3200 DDR4
Asus Strix RTX 2080 Ti Gaming ed.
2x SSD M2
Platinum 1000W PSU
AOCU3277 Monitor


Headphones Sennheiser HD800 and Sennheiser MOMENTUM M2 Wireless
Little Dok Mk4se tube amp + m2Tech Young DSD DAC+ PPAv2 USB Card +2x linnear PSU


Pimax 5k+ 3D printed strap (rEvole project), HTC Vive + Gear VR mod

Telemetry devices :

Prosimu T1000 - 3Dof - modded
Gametrix Jeat Seat Pad
SRS Power Wind 2x

Input devices:

Virpil WarBRD with VPC Delta Constallation Grip
Virpil Throttle T50
Fanatec ClubSport V3 Inverted
Fanatec ClubSport base 2.5 + BMW M2 Wheel
2x HTC Wands

2x LHs, massage chair/seat, 50x cables, 5x mounts kits/holders

more photos:


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Mine is nothing crazy like some of yours, but I enjoy it.

Intel i9700k
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro
EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3
Corsair RM850x PSU
16GB Corsair Vengeance 3600 Ram
Phanteks Evolv Case
NZXT Kraken

Pimax 5K+
Valve Index Controllers
HDMI output to Sony XBR65A8F for couch HDR gaming/movies
PC Dolby Atmos via 2080ti to Sony Receiver, Klipsch/Polk Speakers
Bose Companion 3 Desktop Speakers
Humanscale Freedom Chair
Logitech G502
Logitech DiNovo Edge
Really old Playseat Evolution I put together back in 2006 with a G25 and Buttkicker Advance
Subpac Tactile Bass System


Corsair 570x RGB (threw out the fans)
Corsair HX850 V2
Samsung 960evo m.2 512gig
Asus Maximus hero X
8700k ht off, @5,1 gHz
Be Quiet! Silent Loop 360 (threw out the fans)
32gig of Gskill Trident Z RGB f4 3200c14q3200gtzr
Aorus waterforce Xtreme 1080ti 11g (threw out the fan on the radiator)
5 Phanteks ph-f120mp fans (removed the halos lux led rings because Asus aura won’t combine with vr, because of spikes)
G29 modded into reverse placement of pedals
AliExpress handbrake
Trustmaster Hotas x
KAT Loco
Mamut Apto
Logitech Strafe RGB
Roccat Leadr
Pimax 5k+
Will post pics in a minute :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also this cheap headset has great performance, i am really satisfied for the +/- 30 dollars it costs:


Why HT off ?? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Because HT won’t do a lot for gaming atm. And to further overclock it.


How big is your tradeoff for disabling 6HT cores? how much more can you OC it ? Just curious :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmm i once had bsod’s now tried again with HT on, and it seems fine @5 GHz :thinking:


OC’ing is an art :grinning: so many variables to tweak to get it running just right. Even undervolting sometimes help attain a faster speed, even with proper H2O cooling
I love the challenge :smile: no such thing as running stock settings :grin: