Power light on and off

I’ve been trying to use my Pimax 5xr, but it intermittently goes on and off and when it goes off, the right screen projects grayish static while the left one goes completely black. I tried rebooting the headset through software as well as through the on/off button I really don’t have more cash to purchase a new one so, I would appreciate if you have any ideas.


Try just using the wall adapter not connected to pc. If power is still flickering on and off it might be cable or wall adapter. Is the junction on tye cable getting hot? Also try unplugging headset end cable and replug.

If mem serves the adapter is 12v 2 amp. If you have another adapter that matches you could try that as well.

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Couldn’t you try to reinstall the firmware? I do when my 8KX starts acting up.


How do I reinstall the firmware?

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Here’s a video which explains the process. It’s a bit old, so some of the links might not work anymore. There’s a lot of info, but the start time is set to the part on installing firmware.

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Ok, reinstalled Firmware, disconnected and connected all cables, purchased a new multiplug, surge protector, a universal adapter (12v, 2.1 amp), but now it won’t turn off either only disconnecting it from the power outlet works to turn it off.

This is strange behavior have you filed a support ticket?

Yes, today the behavior has worsened to the point it’s unusable. I’m scared that it can’t be saved, since my income is extremely limited.

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Hopefully support can get this sorted out. If your comfortable post your Ticket# here for @pimaxquorra or send him a pm with details and he can assist looking into your ticket.


Did you reinstall the 271 FW?

Yes, I have, about 3 times.

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We suggest you to file a ticket with our tech team.
They suspect the issue was caused by the cable.
But it would be great if they can have more information, will allow them to provide more valuable suggestions.


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