Pre order 12qled deal. Preposed

What if they start a pre-order deal. They establish everyone’s discount for existing headsets they own. Establish the amount you will pay for the 12k. We pay 12 payments between now and next november. 1. We get the new headset and its paid for. 2. Every month its delayed they send us back one of our payments we made. In November 2023 when the headset is ready they have returned all our money and send us the headset for using our money for two years! Sounds good to me what do you think?

I think a better plan is just to open it up just prior to shipping.


Thanks Keven :wink: you question the time frame too. Looking forward to what unfolds and wish I make it to CES. You have me excited!

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I hope design and manufacturing can keep up with demand. Sound real great!


I agree 100%…that will avoid anyone complaining about already having paid and having to wait in case the actual release date slips any


I don’t think Pimax wants to go down the pre-order road again… I don’t blame them. they’re working at the bleeding edge of what’s possible and if they don’t make a deadline, the haters would be all over them again. Better to wait until they have the product ready in quantity.
I’ll be in line when it is!
And no matter how good it is, I know a few reviewers and a few more in this forum who’ll find a reason to hate it.


How about a pre-pay plan. WE pay 12 or 24 monthly payments after it is paid off then they ship. I would like one but I do have that kind of money at my fingertips.

If you want Pimax to look dodgey that would be the way to do it. Just start a savings plan :grinning:


I much prefer this new approach. Waiting for something you already paid for feels worse.


Why not just put away a bit every month and save for it? That’s what I’ll be doing. We’ve got a year to do it.


My post was basically a joke saying if we had the plan then Pimax would ultimately pay us back the money for the headset when it didnt arrive on time. Similar to the fact if they allow us to use what we have already spent toward the new device.

If they do give us a break, the devise has caught my attention. I like pimax and the efforts they put in. They made a much more polished delivery to speak to the word and not just their fans. I appreciate their marketing tactic and the fact they have pushed the industry forward. Regardless of others approach they must keep eyes on them now.

VR hardware now seems to have a foothold and I believe is here to stay if the software can keep up with the demand. As much as I hate to say it FB (Meta)has helped tremendously.

Looking forward to Pimax and their progress and what they can deliver at CES. Hope they have pass through working and enough software working overall to show us all the features of the 12Kqled.

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Did they specifically say that other brand headsets will be able to interface with Meta?

you might ask meta. metaverse also appeared in your presentation. everyone has a different idea about it and everyone is kind of right.

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My question was very specific - has Facebook said anything about allowing other brand headsets operate within *their upcoming 10 billion dollar metaverse. We weren’t talking about facebook, facebook meta wasn’t even announced yet. They are building essentially a giant network - is only the Quest 1,2,3 etc. part of that?

I would imagine they would allow other brands but this is Facebook we are talking about here…


in Europe, laws are being drafted to limit and prevent such digital monopol. “Digital markets act” closed or intranspate systems that prevent competition or buy them away are at the top under observation. this applies to stores and especially metaverse.

They said it should be interoperable and utilise univeral standards.

But we shall see.

Being a Facebook product, I would not even touch it with another man’s remote controlled fire poker.

No thanks, such a VR Universe (VRUni) UniVR - insert cool name here - should not be in the hands of a company that lives of data mining and commercials.

So who cares if they let others play in their walled garden, they can have it all to them selves :rofl:


Have not heard exactly but the claim to be letting go of the facebook login. This may not mean some other login that associates your profile in their database. Now that they have just about everyone indexed by face recognition tags on someone else’s accounts and identifiers with locations devices and search preferences. FB and google know way more then they should. With their endless funds subsidized devices and AI they are downright evil. We need sony and valve to develop competing software and all the smaller indie developers to create something outside of their network but they will always find a way to sneak in. Looking forward to see what Pimax can achieve, the new hardware looks refined. Now if you can develop a way to cut the size in half! Lol

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