Pre-Order Special Offers for all Preorders?

I have a question: Do all those who have a pre order get the extra stuff like they are being advertised with now (Games, Support, VR Frame)? What about the Audio Deluxe Band?

I had ordered my 5K on 28.10.18, at that time there was only the glasses with hand motion.


I think those are backer rewards. You only get the Headset as far as I can tell with the pre order.

Yes ,You will get all the special offers and the headstrap.If your order is on 28th Dec

I missed this, where is this info ?
Thank you

We have these information in our record

Wait, you’re saying that the people who pre-order will get all the special offers the backers get? Including eye tracking?

Please check our website and you will know the pre-order special offer.

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I’m sorry Dallas, but for example the DAS strap that we got as a gift as well as the discount coupons are not listed there :slight_smile: It is also not said that you have the option to switch to additional face cushion instead of glasses frame.

Sorry for necroposting here, but I just want to ask about 5K+ & 8K preorders a year ago. Were there any special offers by Pimax or not? It’s quite long time and I can’t remember. Thank you.


I remember Pimax said all pre-orders would get the standart M.A.S. Never heard a thing about anything else. I don’t know who can confirm tho


On, Kick starter it said ,

BUT, we are getting the standard Mas, not deluxe
I beleve Pre orders are getting the same standard MAS

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We’re actually wondering about pre-orders, not backers.

Pre-orders will not receive everything. I beleive it’s just the standard MAS.


Ok, thanks. Let’s wait when the standard MAS is in production and hopefully someone will contact us.