Private Beta Build v0.18

Hey guys!
This is the first Beta build, version 0.18 which I already shared with you earlier in the private message I sent to all of you, beta testers. The RAR (or ZIP) file contains the Pimax VR Experience 0.18 Beta build, and also the required PiTool version (PiToolSetup_1.0.2.069.exe) that needs to be installed. and used The VR Experience will not work using the previous and currently official PiTool versions, as these runtimes does not include the communication channel for setting and status request/responds between VR Exp and PiTool.

This current version is still not “baked-in” into the PiTool installation (which it of course will be in upcoming public Beta releases). So as of now, you will have to copy the PVRHome directory from the RAR/ZIP file, and replace the old PVRHome directory. I have included a short ReadMe.txt that explains how you get it running.

Thank you for helping out. Im looking forward to work with you on this project!
/ Martin

Readme.txt content:

How to get started:

  1. Install the included PiTool version (file PiToolSetup_1.0.2.069.exe)
  2. Open PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\ and remove all content inside the folder.
  4. Copy all content from the \PVRHome folder provided in this RAR file, and paste it into C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\
  5. In PiTool, go to Settings → General and ENABLE/CHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”

Pimax VR Experience should now start in the background and inside your Pimax VR headset.

Check the Unity log file:

The log is created every time you exit the application.
So to be able to read the log, exit Pimax VR Experience first, by:

  • opening PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”
  • Clicking on the Quit button (bottom bar) in the Pimax VR Experience

The log file is called:
The previously created log is (previous instance of the application running):

Game Appdata files & config

The program appdata files, user settings file, favorites etc that are used by VR Experience are located in:


User Settings profile:

Other useful info

Game import-data profiles (SteamVR/Oculus/VivePort/Imported) are located in:

Game SETTINGS profiles (SteamVR/Oculus/VivePort/Imported) are located in:

Favorites import-data profiles are located in:

SteamVR Optimization profiles for SteamVR/VivePort/Imported games are located in: