Private Beta Build v0.20

Hey guys!

Been sitting all day trying to figure out the memory leak some of you have mentioned. I dont think I have completely solved this yet, but at least the memory usage should be much lower now in this version. I re-made the way games and profiles are listing, made sure all datatables and gameobjects are destroyed after leaving categories and re-loading/refreshing and did some other changes. This SHOULD at least help to keep down the momory usage. Let me know if it helps.

Release Notes:

  1. Less memory usage (partially fixed memory leak). Still not happy with the result, but its obviously using less memory and the amount of used memory doesnt seem to grow as much as before.

  2. Added much more to the debug-log (check Readme below to find the Log files). Most of the interaction now outputs in the log, including values that are sent to/from PiTool. This should help us to determinate if (and when) errors occur. Check the log files and you will see the new output.

  3. Fixed a few bugs with profile-listings. Sometimes profiles were not correcly shown in the Settings/Profiles categories. FFR settings in profiles were also not correctly listed or saved, and sometimes not correctly sent to PiTool.

  4. Added automatic recenter origin after startup and initialization. Unfortunately this command cannot be called upon instant startup (after 0 seconds), so there is a delay before re-center is made. This is due to the Pimax SDK (PVRSession) that needs to initialize before recenter-origin can be called.

  5. Temporary removed the “Default” buttons in Settings/Advanced Settings/Profiles as the reset-to-default needs some more work to be working properly and these buttons have been inactive anyway.

  6. Supposedly fixed an occasional Unity issue (happens very rarely) where UI buttons are not interactible upon startup.

Bundled with required PiTool version. Download link below: (same link, new folder PVRHome_Beta_v0.20). Available in compressed RAR and ZIP file:

Readme.txt content:

How to get started:

  1. Install the included PiTool version (file PiToolSetup_1.0.2.069.exe)
  2. Open PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\ and remove all content inside the folder.
  4. Copy all content from the \PVRHome folder provided in this RAR file, and paste it into C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\
  5. In PiTool, go to Settings → General and ENABLE/CHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”

Pimax VR Experience should now start in the background and inside your Pimax VR headset.

Check the Unity log file:

The log is created every time you exit the application.
So to be able to read the log, exit Pimax VR Experience first, by:

  • opening PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”
  • Clicking on the Quit button (bottom bar) in the Pimax VR Experience

The log file is called:
The previously created log is (previous instance of the application running):

Game Appdata files & config

The program appdata files, user settings file, favorites etc that are used by VR Experience are located in:


User Settings profile:

Other useful info

Game import-data profiles (SteamVR/Oculus/VivePort/Imported) are located in:

Game SETTINGS profiles (SteamVR/Oculus/VivePort/Imported) are located in:

Favorites import-data profiles are located in:

SteamVR Optimization profiles for SteamVR/VivePort/Imported games are located in: