Private Beta Build v0.35 - Game Importer+Launcher re-written (new options) + Re-center view also working properly in Y axis!


Use PiTool version Beta (or later). PVRHome beta updates do NOT include PiTool anymore, because its not needed anymore.
Just get latest PiTool here: Pitool Beta
And simply replace the content of PVRHome folder (read how-to below)

Download Pimax VR Experience

Beta v0.35:

Beta v0.35 Release Notes:

  1. Important update: Game launcher code re-written and should now be working with most custom imported VR games. Import of Custom “Imported” games also updated, now more customizable and working better. Upon import, chose between launcher for game:
  • SteamVR Launcher = starts the game with SteamVR
  • PiTool Launcher = starts the game with OVRLauncher “native” mode, works for Oculus games and most Unity games that deosnt force SteamVR to start upon launch.
  • Runtime (no launcher) = starts the game simply with the .exe file provided. Works for some games, not for others.
    NOTE: This setting is only available for Imported games
  1. Old imports (made with Beta 0.34 or older) will automatically get “Runtime” as launcher (3rd checkbox). Edit your imported game and change the launcher mode if necessary.

  2. Launcher-mode can be changed for all custom imported ganes, and saved into game profile at any time in “Manage Games & Apps”. So if a custom Imported game doesnt work with a specific launcher, try changing the launch mode.

  3. Fixed a major glitch/problem when importing Custom Imported games - wrong Runtime path format was added (C:\game\ instead of C:/game/), so most custom “Imported” games could not be launched with OVRLauncher using previous Beta 0.34. This is now fixed!

  4. If a game (despite fixes above) wont launch, the launch-process will abort, hide the “loading” animation, and an error-popup will show up (just click OK). You can then launch any other game and everything works as normal again.

  5. Fixed preview-thumbnail not restoring to default thumbnail on “Import New” page after leaving the page without Saving.

  6. Fixed fields not restoring when importing several games after eachother.

  7. New feature: Re-center view now also automatically aligns the UI based on your eye/HMD level (y axis). This means you can press re-center at any time while sitting down, standing up etc, and UI will adjust accordingly to your eye level. The initial re-center (upon PVRHome startup) now adjusts Y-axis as well, based on your eye level. The eye-level also takes the UI-Scale into consideration (and aligns it accordingly based on the scale, so all UI Scale modes should re-center properly).

  8. PVRHome UI now fades in upon startup. This is not really to look “cool” but to prevent the “jump” when the initial re-center function is made upon startup. I think it makes the startup more smooth.

  9. Minor bugs fixed along the way, especially upon startup where initialization could randomly halt upon one single error occuring. Should now be fixed!

  10. More minor optimization made to clean-up unnecessary assets. Now they are automatically un-loaded (destroyed) by Unity, which might free up some RAM memory (you can see it happening in the log here and there).

How to get started (IMPORTANT)

  1. Install the PiTool (or later) here: Pitool Beta
  2. Open PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\ and remove all content inside the folder.
  4. Copy all content from this ZIP/RAR and paste it into C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\
  5. In PiTool, go to Settings → General and ENABLE/CHECK “Start Pimax VR Home” to start the Pimax VR Experience

Pimax VR Experience should now start in the background and inside your Pimax VR headset.

Check the Unity log file:

The log is created every time you exit the application.
So to be able to read the log, exit Pimax VR Experience first, by:

  • open PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”


  • Click on the Quit button (bottom bar) in the Pimax VR Experience

The log file is called:
The previously created log is (previous instance of the application running):

Game Appdata files & config

The program appdata files, user settings file, favorites etc that are used by VR Experience are located in:

User Settings profile:

Other useful info

Game import-data profiles (SteamVR/VivePort/Revive/Imported) are located in:


Game import-data profiles (Oculus games only) are located in (temporary solution):

Game SETTINGS profiles (SteamVR/Oculus/VivePort/Imported) are located in:

Favorites import-data profiles are located in:

SteamVR Optimization profiles for SteamVR/VivePort/Imported games are located in:

Thank you for helping out!
/ Martin, SweViver