Problem i Assetto Corsa

I have a problem in assetto corsa. Everything is fine on small tracks. Miracles happen on larger tracks. After entering the game, he does not put me in the car, but on a nordschleiefe, for example, I can see the track thread from above. Just like a drone. Resetting the position does not help. I don’t currently have lighthouses. I am using 9-axis tracking. I want to buy the 8kx player kit but for now I would like to ride some bigger tracks. Green Hell is one of my favorite tracks to drive :frowning:

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Sorry I never used 9dof so can’t offer a fix but would recommend getting at least one V1 base for racing. Bought mine in used condition 3 years back and still work great.

You will need to run Room setup. In there is a spot to enter your height. You might need to enter a seated height depending on the game.

It works no problem. I just had to run the PP filter. Unfortunately, without filters, there were such and no other effects.


Awesome glad you got it working!