Problem Running Blair Witch VR on Pimax 5K

The game looks awesome on my 5k XR. But … when I move my head, the image kind of strobes/stutters like the refresh rate can’t update fast enough or something. If I switch to my Odyssey + the problem goes away, but the image loses a ton of detail/sharpness.

I was trying different experiments to remedy the problem and then all of a sudden it went away–everything was nice and smooth, no judder or strobing. But I had no sound.

Took the headset off and realized I had minimized the game window on my desktop, which is why I wasn’t getting sound through my HMD. When I switched back to the game window on the desktop, the sound came back … but so did the strobing/stuttering!

Any ideas why this is or how I would go about fixing it?

Do you have the latest Firmware and Pitool update?

Sound like your graphics card can not keep up while your monitor and headset are both at full resolution. Don’t know if it will work but try turning off the monitor when you get the game started. If that don’t work you will have to cut back the graphics settings in game or in steam.