Problem with vive trackers

i upgraded from pitool 287v2 to 269 and since then i cant get the vive trackers to work again properly. first it ´started that the tracker were just floating around and bad tracking . then i re-installed everythign new and now i can just get 2 tracker to work but it doesnt wanna track the third tracker.

i also noticed that the 2 tracker weirdly work without ANY usb dongles connected to the usb !

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i’ve had this problem before.

what’s happening is either:

  • the trackers are connecting to the dongle in the headset, or
  • a controller is connecting to a tracker dongle

to fix it, unplug the dongles and pair the controllers to the headset. then plug in the dongles and pair the trackers.

if the tracker isn’t connecting, sometimes plugging it into the pc via USB will work. when you see the green light, disconnect it.

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We should get some folks like yourself to compile a guide.

thanks man , was a little struggle.the “replugging the trackers with the usb cable” fixed finally the issue


Etee is also releasing an Alternative Tracker to Vive Pucks. For a better price.

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