Problems with Pimax 5k


Ich habe die Pimax 5k plus, 2 Index Controller und 2 Base Stationen.
Klappt soweit ganz ok, nur 2 Dinge stören mich:

  1. Wenn ich neben dem PI Tool auch noch Steam VR starte, dann passiert es oft, dass ohne mein zutun die ganze Zeit Screenshots gemacht werden. Es ploppt immer dieses kleine Steam Hinweis-Fenster auf, dass jetzt ein Screenshot gemacht wurde und das ununterbrochen, selbst wenn ich ein Spiel starte.
    Muss dann mehrmals Steam neustarten, bis der Fehler weg ist.
    Woran liegt das?

  2. Was ich noch viel unangenehmer finde ist, dass das Bild (also das was ich in der VR Brille sehen) nicht stabil bleibt. Ich “fliege” sozusagen aus der virtuellen Welt, oder es fängt an zu “zittern”. Das passiert überall ab und zu mal, egal ob in dieser Berglandschaft Demo der Pimax oder in einem Spiel. Wenn ich aus der Welt “fliege/gleite”, dann wird oft danach das Bild komplett schwarz und es dauert einen Moment bis ich wieder auf meine eigentlich Position zurückteleportiert werde.
    Wieso passiert das? Gerade in Spielen kommt das so unerwartet, dass ich mich oft erschrecke oder ich das Spiel so nicht mehr weiterspielen kann. Macht einfach keinen Spaß so…

Eine Frage habe ich noch, und zwar finde ich die Pimax sehr unbequem, habe immer danach 2 rote Abdrücke auf der Nase. Wo liegt denn genau der Schwerpunkt bzw was sollte die Pimax tragen? Habe das Gefühlt das meine Wangen (die “Bäckchen” sozusagen :D) das ganze halten, was etwas unbequem ist, da teils die Augen etwas nach unten gezogen werden.

Vielen Dank für’s lesen, hoffe auf Antworten :slight_smile:

English (google):

I have the Pimax 5k plus, 2 index controllers and 2 base stations.
Works so well, only 2 things bother me:

  1. If I also start Steam VR alongside the PI Tool, it often happens that screenshots are taken all the time without my doing anything. It always pops up this little Steam Notice window that a screenshot has been taken and that continuously, even when I start a game.
    I have to restart Steam several times until the error is gone.
    Why is that?

  2. What I find even more uncomfortable is that the picture (that what I see in the VR glasses) is not stable. I “fly” out of the virtual world, or it starts to “shake”. This happens everywhere, no matter whether in this mountain landscape demo of the Pimax or in a game. When I “fly” out of the world, then often the picture becomes completely black and it takes a moment to be teleported back to my actual position.
    Why does this happen? Especially in games that comes so unexpectedly that I often scare myself or I can’t anymore play the game because of this issue. That’s just not fun …

I have one more question, I find the Pimax very uncomfortable, always afterwards I have 2 red marks on my nose. Where exactly is the focus / what should hold the pimax? I have the feeling that my cheeks hold the whole thing, which is a little uncomfortable, because sometimes the eyes are pulled down a bit.

Thanks for reading, hope for answers :slight_smile:

My System:
Intel i7-8700K CPU 3.70GHz
ASRock Z370 Extreme4 Mainboard
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
Windows 10 Pro

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Are there any objects that can reflect laser in your play area? If there are, try remove them or cover it with something.

I have no idea about first problem.


Steam Screenshot is F12, somehow via a key binding somewhere or heck something stuck in your keyboard it’s being hit a lot. Games do freeze and studder when a ss is taken. So as you put it if this occurs “continuously” that is probably the cause of your problem #2 as well.

I suggest for now in the steam settings totally disable screen shot capability.


Zu Punkt 1:
Wie PimaxUSA sagte: Nimm mal die Tastenbelegung (F12) aus den Steam Settings raus. Entweder deine Taste klemmt, du hast ein Makro-Keyboard welches die ganze Zeit feuert, oder dein Steam ist geschrottet. Falls das nicht hilft, Steam runterputzen, neustarten, neu installieren.

Falls das ebenfalls nicht hilft - und da ich in meinem Leben schon dutzende übelst vermüllte Rechner gesehen habe - empfehle ich als Letztes den Rechner platt zu machen und neu aufzusetzen.

Zu Punkt 2:
Du hast irgendetwas im Raum, was die Lighthouse Stationen reflektieren lässt, zum Beispiel Glasrahmen mit Bildern im Raum oder spiegelnde Fenster. Hänge die zum Testen einmal ab.


If you are using the headstrap that came with the headset, then you can’t really improve the fit much. You can see some of the comfort mods people have made here (listed under Pimax 8K/5K mods), most of which use the DAS (Vive Deluxe Audio Strap).

Alternatively, you could wait for the Pimax audio strap to be released (backers get it free IIRC).


Thanks for the answers :blush:.
I have now changed the base stations locations and attached them higher to the wall. Covered the cupboard mirror and no too bright light. I think it’s better now, but I have to test it more.

The thing with the Screenshots… I have no macro and the key does not jam. Why should it just jam in VR? Even without controlles and removed F12-binding it takes screenshots.
Luckily, the problem occurs only occasionally.
I found only one post, but unfortunately no solution:

I think its just a steam bug, had nothing to do with the pimax.

Thanks @Davebobman, I’ll probably try first the Pimax Deluxe Strap (for standard Pimax head strap) :).
but that does not help the nose … I have now done a piece of soft material in the gap, so that it is much more comfortable for the nose.
Before I had the “MEDION ERAZER X1000 MR Glasses Mixed Reality Headset” and it was very comfortable and with a practical folding mechanism.

Hello :blush:,

I think I want to buy the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap (DAS)… but I read it’s not fit for small heads… I have 55.5cm, is that too small? If yes, what adapter I need?

I don’t own a DAS so someone else can comment on the head size, but you need 3D printed adaptors to use it with the Pimax. Blueprints and ready made ones can be found online and I’m sure someone can post a link here for those.

But have you considered waiting for an official Pimax MAS? Recently announced, should be available for purchase in the next few weeks and hopefully delivery around December. That’s what others are waiting for, myself included. There is also the comfort kit, which includes a nose guard. Not to mention new headsets :wink:

The other popular mod is a counterweight, because the headset’s weight distribution isn’t even and puts pressure on the nose and cheeks otherwise. A correctly balanced counterweight at the back helps A LOT with this. Now we’re waiting to see if the MAS + CK alone will be enough to avoid the need for a counterweight in future :+1:

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Consider adding a counterweight to the back of your headset. That should greatly reduce pressure on your nose.


Oh ok, then I wait for the official Pimax MAS.
I didn’t know, thank you for this information :).
But I can’t see it at the store. Can we not preorder it?

Thank you :). I will try it.


We were literally waiting for an announcement and orders to start this week. It now looks to be Monday 21st Oct onwards, so honestly not long :wink: The team are in Shanghai now making preparations.

Re counterweight make a cheap one and see how you like it. Neil recommended it to me and it made a big difference. But as mentioned, I’m hopeful the new MAS and CK are designed well enough to remove the need for one :pray:


They have just updated the website in preparation :wink:


Hello again :),

pimax works good now, since I have placed the base stations higher to the wall and convered the cupboard mirror.
It’s really fun now :).
I bought the Modular Audio Head Strap and comfort Kit, I hope they send it soon :).

I have another Question about some games… for example John Wick Chronicles ( or ProjectM : Dream (
They start, but it looks weird. I see the picture twice. I could not find anything in the forum. do I have to adjust something or is this not supported by the pimax?

Hey Shaklin, when you see a game with double image select “compatible with parallel projections”


… and remember that SteamVR needs to be re-started (if it was already running).

Oh, and don’t forget to hit the “apply” button (and save if You want it to be enabled on next start-up of PiTool (I’ve forgotten to save many times)… :wink:

There’s a performance penalty for having PP option enabled so You should probably only enable it when needed.


Thank you very much :), it works fine now.