Procedure for Updating Pitools?

I have a Pimax 5k XR and have been on the .180 beta since I got it. I’ve been told that .253 is the latest for the XR. What is the proper procedure for updating Pitools? Should I uninstall the older version first? When installing the new Pitools, do I need to have my XR connected and on? Or should it be disconnected?

Any help would be most appreciated as the threads about people bricking their headsets while updating have me a little apprehensive.

It’s far more rare than some of the popular topics would make you think to brick the headset with a pitool update - using the DFU flasher you can recover a failure in the VERY rare event it happens.

I’ve done both clean installs and ‘dirty’ installs and I’ve never had an issue. Recently due to stuttering I’ve gone from .144 to .253 to .254 back to .144, to .132 back to .253 back to .144, never doing a clean install. The only part to be worried about is a firmware update - pitool itself can’t brick the HMD but firmware updates can go wrong.

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Thank you, Thall! That’s reassuring.

Do you keep going back to .144 because it is the only one without the stuttering? Do you keep trying later versions because they have features .144 doesn’t have?


That sounds likely. I’m running .249 (beta). I’m not seeing any stuttering, but I have an 8K, which seems to have less of a problem with that issue. It might be because the 8K framerate is only 80 Hz (or some other reason).

The newest PiTool versions do have some nice improvements, but the one I’m using has no backlight brightness setting, so I’m stuck on medium. Pimax has indicated that they will be reinstating the feature, which was only removed temporarily.

Yeah you nailed it. .144 and .132 run smoothly but they can’t play stormland, and they also run worse than new versions by a lot (like 5 to 7 ms of frametime difference in demanding games). I don’t care much about the high hz stuff because it doesn’t work with my display port extension. 90 is cool for me

They also don’t recognize Index controllers. 180 or higher for that.

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Can I ask why you’re sticking with .249 if it is dimming your backlight?

It’s actually brightening my headset, since I’d normally run with the backlight on Low. It’s currently running fine, so why risk messing something up (like a bad headset firmware flash)? Plus, the latest 2 versions don’t seem to offer anything for an 8K headset:

according to my pitool the latest is .132
I’m guessing it’s close to one year they haven’t updated?

Pimax has updated PiTool numerous times since then, but I think they have all be “beta” releases, except for 1 emergency “alpha” patch release. I’m using version .240. You can find it (and other versions) here:

I know about multitude of betas but when will we get a stable final release is what I’m waiting for…

No idea. You may be waiting a long time.

I looks like Pimax is making PiTool changes on a continuing basis, for new headset models. I’m using .259. The only 2 problems I’m seeing is that changing the headset refresh rate in PiTool requires a system reboot, otherwise, the headset shows a striped pattern and won’t connect. The second problem is that the headset chevron always starts as green, even when PiTool says it’s blue. That’s a very minor problem.

Some people have reported stuttering, but that doesn’t happen on my PC.