Processes running

This has been asked before but I don’t believe that it was answered by Pimax. My headset is off. My PiTool is closed, but there are 2 processes running at 0.1%. They are the Pi_server.exe and the Piservice.exe. I can close them after each reboot but it takes multiple clicks of the end task button. It is like they are fighting me to stay active. I have multiple processes that you think would need to be active but are not. So, Pimax why do these processes continue to run.

It’s not required to have PiTool running to launch steam apps, it’s mostly a configuration tool and a launcher. Since Pimax headsets are not standalone, something has to detect when it is connected and interface with it.

If you don’t like the service running, set it the PiServiceLauncher service to manual, it’s important to redo this step after each PiTool installation.

You can use a script like the one referenced below to toggle it on and off, there are other suggestions in the thread also. The script has to be run as administrator.

Of course you can also make suggestions to the developers, there is a thread in the forum. Or implement it yourself once PiTool becomes open source, whenever that day will come.

Thank you for your response mojojojo. I was capable of simple DOS commands back in the day of my Tandy 8080 however I have aged and lost some of my nerve. Besides, this is an on going issue that should be solved. I question why the processes “fight” being turned off. I can turn every process off with one click of the end task button except these. In this day and age where every company wants some type of access to your computer I am very cautious as to what is going on in my computer. If my headset is off and my Pitool is not being accessed, then no processes should be running related to Pimax. Pimax this needs to be fix.

There is 3 processes.

  • 2 pi servers
  • Pi launcher (this relaunches pi server)

Kill pi launcher and the 2 servers.