Production Update Discussions Jan 29/2019

@anon74848233 can we get an update about the batches sent to the US? Seems like everywhere else has been at least getting a few here and there but not the US.


#686 5k+ very early impression, vive user.

Had a slight trouble setting up.
Device seems to be picky on which Display Port its plugged into and seems the USB driver is sort of wonky, it’s either device not working with a “!” in device manager or it’s working. This causes the 10500 error device not connected, repluging the usb or reboot solves this, and tried different display port then reboot. Once in the right DisplayPort and device working, the 10500 error is gone and I was able to fairly easily setup the roomscape, pairing the controllers fine.

The black level is grey… exactly how the blacks on LCD looks like. If you wondering what the blacks is like, it’s like that. Colors are not as vibrant, sort of a more natural look rather than saturated colors, and straight away you would notice it to be a bit dim coming from vive.

For me, there is barely any difference between large and normal fov, just very very (seriously very) little extra at the side of the peripheral vision. I would not rotate my eyes like that or ever hardly to see things like that so the large fov for me is barely anything extra.

Worth to note that, i was not wowed by the fov, as it’s not complete human vision fov yet. But I am sure I will come to appreciate it once i plug the vive back in and tried vive again.

Distortion is there, no surprise. Something i will get used to fast. about 40 mins in on the 5k+ i was not bothered by the distortion.

And finally the SDE. For me its so minor I don’t bother look for it anymore. I could see individual pixel on vive, but on 5k+ i could only see a pattern and its very minor, I dont think about SDE anymore unlike vive it was a constant reminder. A big upgrade from vive but we are not at monitor sharp yet tho. (it felt like you upgraded from DVD to HD. So if you think you are going from DVD to FULLHD you will be disappointed)

My very early impression of 25mins messing around to set it up and 40mins of basic gaming trial.


Nice one mate, thanks for first impressions.
Rift user here, sure it will be a massive upgrade for me as well.
i rarely bother anymore using my motion rig, SDE and god rays feels horrible :confounded:.
Enjoy your new baby :wink:


Just want to share my first thoughts asap. for ppl still wondering how things look like or
is this a hyped up product.

I’m not the type to be hyped about a product and hating on another.
So I’m just sharing what i observed so far, my honest thoughts.


Which we do appreciate. Thanks!


Any updates on 8k? Am 5118 and curious when you’ll start making them again.


@anon74848233 Could you please explain why your QA is bottlenecked to 1/3 of your production output? You are sitting on 1600 devices in your warehouse and only 68 HMDs shipped since last week. You haven’t improved your QA rate for several weeks now. It’s super frustrating to see all the headsets sit in your warehouse waiting for QA. What is the problem?


Look around the recent forum posts and i think you will understand.

They stated before QA was the bottleneck, and now with recent problems QA needs to be slowed down, to be able to decrease the amount of defective units that slipps past QA.


Thanks once more for keeping us updated! Looks pretty good man, production is reaching 800 a week almost, that puts things pretty well on schedule, awesome!
However (and I 've asked this a few times before) - could you give us some numbers on how many units the QA team is able to process per week? That still seems to be by far the biggest limiting factor atm.


I don’t understand why with the current problems of the panels the 5k+ production is even ramped up, why not produce the 8k for a while and sort things out with the 5k+ panels?


Its not ramped up. Yesterday only 37 units of 5K+!

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What’s your backer number?

yes but the three days before 130 a day and no 8k sinds a few weeks i believe while the production of the 5k+ was ramped up


Lol, this is all because of 5K+ pandemia in our backers community.


yes i know, but my question is, with all the display problems why not solve it first, now there is a very high failurerate


Actually, I’m an early pre order guy, not even a backer :confused:


Would you mean Pimax have to put the 5K+ on hold and start shipping only 8K?
Or would you mean Pimax have to ship 8K instead of 5K+ backer option?
Both of above will start the 3rd World War.

Anyway, seems that Pimax service support doesn’t imagine what awaits them in the near future.


not shipping, PRODUCING.
What is the point of shipping 3000 5k+ then get 1000 RMA,s and unhappy backers.
Or do you prefer just quantity?


So, what the point of producing 3000 8K if they have only (for example) have 500 of 8K backers and this quantity is already stored?

As a 8K backer 2779, of course, I prefer to get my headset ASAP and even earlier than all 5K backers. :slight_smile: