Production Update Discussions Jan 29/2019

Thanks for your advice. @neal_white_iii

The service desk can click “support” on banner of forum for backers who has issue need to be solved.It will be much easier to find service desk

PM Sean and me will reply post in tags"Issue" and “order” more frequently.Cause these plugins help us to find issues more easily for us to reply.And these tags can help forum members find the topics they are interested in more easily

Service desk will reply and solve the issues faster than before.

We will keep doing these things better and serve


I just got a response, backer 4180, 8K NOT shipped. Now I am confused. I thought my 8K has been shipped after reading the comment of @anon74848233:

No,that’s a range.
For ship headset soon ,we ship headset by backer number and confirmed information.some backer is skipped because their information has not confirmed yet.

I am in the range:

26th Dec 2018[Backer Number:1450 ~6078]

And I confirmed the survey on December 5.

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well looks like its only about 2-3weeks for all hmd to be produced for all backers. Now the real test is shipping and quality control :3 quite happy!


They do not ship headsets by backer number that is a lie. I am 867 8k I got my email 2 months ago saying ship soon and now their are backers getting their headset as high as 1201 and I cant even get a response from tech support as to “has it shipped yet” and after my second email to them I get a response of “ticket closed” What does ticket closed mean, its not an answer. So this we ship by backer number is a load of crap. And just to clarify I not even not upset that people after me are getting their headset, crap happens. What really is boiling my blood is after a few polite emails to pimax support which @anon74848233 recommended, the only email I finally get back just says “ticket closed” (in other words, let us slap you in the face cause we cant be bothered to even type a response. Its sad that we have people on this forum that are more helpful (@anon74848233, @Heliosurge) than their own support. Hell email me saying we are busy, or auto reply but don’t just close the ticket to get rid of me thats poor customer service.

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The ticket system is still quite new. Which is why Dallas & @Sean.Huang are trying to monitor the new system’s effectiveness. I am sure Sean & Dallas will look into getting this corrected. Hopefully your headset will ship & arrive soon.


Well i was hoping to get an email saying mine was posted (its around that time 19xx )

But no this is what i got this morning ,please fill in survey along with lots of others ,i didnt know what was happening ,and i still dont know whats happening :sleeping:


Once again we ask for any info on 8k? You’re nearly at my backer number by next update. Do you still have 8k in stock ready to ship? Or is there an issue?


Matthew said that up until now, not many 8K’s have been made yet but production should start on them today, since most 5K+ kickstarter orders have been produced. Over 2000 8K’s need to be produced. Given like 150-180 a day that should take like two weeks. It looks like their latest “we will ship all kickstarter orders January 2019” will hold true.


The only reason Pimax think they need 2000 8k units is because there survey hasn’t worked properly. The actual no of 8ks is probably a lot lower but who knows . When they release the backer spreadsheet again we might know more if it is accurate this time .

Ah I missed that post. Thanks so much man!
I’m 51xx so very close! As they finished at 49xx today.

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Haha nah you still have a long ways to go. I’m backer 21xx for 8k and I still haven’t gotten mine. I dont think any 8k backers received their headset yet. If so, I’m guessing maybe only 10? lol

My poor 8k :frowning:
Their estimate was to have them all sent out by Jan.
So by close I meant within 1 month~

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Let’s not forget that their original estimate for shipping was February 2018 lol. But all that said, I’m still optimistic with their January estimate.

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Thank you for the update Dallas :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay 202020


So the total is 5869? Isn’t that all the backers? How many are left?


No problem 202020 :call_me_hand:t4::sunglasses: