Production Update Discussions Jan 29/2019

Nothing wrong with posting dismay once clarified it is what you thought. Just don’t dwell on it or it may only serve to make one crazy needlessly.

Ah but there is. Doesn’t matter whom receives it out of que regardless of reason behind it. But fact Palmer has received 2 headsets & other than a photo op he has been silent.

So you really can’t & pick & choose which to be honestly annoyed with. The situation is the same. Save at least Nathie is giving a review.

& yet you have no problem with personalities like Lucky potentially receiving ahead of backers. I find that hypocritical. Just because you like Lucky doesn’t mean he should get priority either. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

M2 is not under NDA. So why would other youtubers whom have not & will not get to test the m1 need to sign an NDA regarding the m1. :laughing:

Sorry but I definitely have to disagree with you there, Palmer isn’t a personality, HE is the reason VR is where its at right now. Sure, if he hadn’t started, someone else would have… Eventually I guess, and you and I would still be talking about generic 3D I guess. But Palmer started this whole movement we are in and he is the only exception that I could think of who would be just fine to skip the backers. And quite frankly if he did already receive 2 headsets and hast said anything publicly yet, then silence can also be quite telling for far too many reasons to attempt to put here.

No he is a VR influencer. He might have brought the spotlight back to home VR.

Don’t be ridiculous. You nor I can say whom pimax decides to send a unit to. That would be like saying Bill Gates shouldn’t have to pay for any softwsare that runs on Windows.

If it wasn’t for mts3d lucky might not have been able to learn from them & create Oculus. So by thst reasoning Mts3d Labs should get a set of hmds for free.

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No one is telling Pimax what to do. Learn to read right back at you lol
What I said is that I and many others are ok with that. Palmer is not an influencer in VR, influencers is what I would call a youtuber at best, they influence. Palmer is a little more than that. Point is that yes mts3d labs may have started key ideas but it still took someone to put it all together and get this mainstream progress started. Again back to my point but I guess you don’t read very well either, I clearly stated that if Palmer wouldn’t have been the one, someone else would, eventually… In who knows how long.


If you want real exposure you shoud consider sending samples to these guys but DO NOT send faulty units. Have your guys test them in the office for a few days first!

Tell them to review SKYRIM VR for maxium impact






Yeah I remember Steve Jobs being the one behind the ideas Bill Gates Harvested to create Windows.

One csn say Lucky did the same. Learned from them left & used what he learned instead of keeping with them.

So it comes down to Backers First regardless of presumed position in VR be it a strong influencer/creator like Lucky (whom has said nothing after receiving) or a marketing gimic like a Youtuber. Or a Developer creating a module or program.

Simple Truth reserve units to do with as they decide. Would you complain if you found out Robin Weng gave one to his mother?

You forgot Vrkommando whom has supported Pimax long before the Musketeers during the p4k days. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

He should have backed & berm selected as an m1 tester.

Ok mr helios Im done debating with you on Palmer’s status when it comes to VR. Those are your opinions and I respect your right to have them. There is a clear distinction between business and personal matters and if you insist on bringing up his mother to try and make a point then I have no further discussion with you regarding the matter. I am speaking on pimax strictly from a business and crowdfunding perspective.

Besides, I just got my looking glass hologram screen from KS. Got better things to do than debate with mr helio :rofl:

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It’s simple if your going to use thr Backer’s first banner then no one Lucky included whom is not making something for pimax headset shouldn’t be made an exception just becsuse he’s on your approved list.

So stop being biased.


Can you provide a link for this? I was trying to keep track of it for when it came out of kickstarter but I lost it! Do you know if/when it will be available to consumers? Any idea how much?

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I want one of these with Roomscale. Lol forget VR headsets. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


They have started shipping the KS backers and I just got mine today. It’s awesome and has a ton of potential applications but to be honest with you I really only got it for the potential to port games to it lol There are some demos already out but I’m sure its only a matter of time until someone uses their Unreal SDK to port some “better known” games into this thing lol

Looks like they are open for pre-orders and you can reserve one for $499
If you can spend the money I definitely recommend it. My kids are already asking me to setup the leap motion sensor on it so they can play with the models like the kids on the videos I have been showing them since I got it lol


Pewdiepie is the last person I’d ever trust to review something


That’s sweet! I imagine a 1000x better thsn the old time travel game from quarter arcade days.

Look forward to your review. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Yea this thing could really be interesting, unfortunately I didn’t have $2k at the time to throw at the bigger 15" version lol

I might do a review, not sure in what format lol I should start a youtube channel so I can get this type of crap before everyone else and for free lol Ok ok I’m done I promise haha

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@chucksta did one on Steemit.

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Oooooh thanks I’ll go check it out

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