Production Update Discussions Jan 29/2019

More people have picked the 5K+ and possibly due to supply issues. (LCD panels might be delayed)


With these DOA/pixel issues, maby they should slow down on the 5k? :stuck_out_tongue:
It seems they get faster when there’s only 1 model to focus on building maby as well.


@anon74848233 can you please explain the lack of 8K production? I would hate to think that my choosing the 8K will result in even longer wait times.


…it’s great to see raising production numbers, BUT…

Seriously, this is a big question perhaps there is a hardware problem? We encountered lots of 5K+ with dead/stuck pixels over the last few days. Pimax is ramping up the production of the 5K+ though. So, is Pimax sure, that there is no quality problem with the panels they get from their supplier? Has this „issue“ been investigated thoroughly? Sadly no official answers have been given yet to these questions by Pimax! What is Pimax‘ statement to this topic? @anon74848233 @Pimax-Support


When there are 500 + units delivered we will get a clearer picture of what quality control is actually like. Hopefully the current faulty units are just a result of the fine tuning of there mass production and testing process . The dead pixels are a major concern .


Ok so from the looks of things by end of December they will make 3000 headset and probably 1500-2000 shipped. Guessing preorders are going to start late january. Again i hope the software will be ready and the dead pixel issue is fixed before preorder start shipping.


By my rough calculations, my headset will be built on Dec 24 or thereabouts. Too bad I can’t have it shipped overnight.


It’s not to late to call Santa :santa:


Unfortunately, I’m way too old to believe in Santa. Actually, I’ve been Santa, posing for pictures with kids and pets (for charity, not for pay).

I can do a very convincing “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!” in “Santa’s” voice. :santa: :open_mouth:


…I guess, at least some of us backers hope, that the dead pixel issue will be solved before the preorders will begin…


vid or it didn’t happen :wink:


numbers look great, but how about 8K? did really most of the people switched to 5K+?

will the production still keep ramping up? more product line?

Can you tell us what’s going on with 8K production?

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Hi @anon74848233 thanks for the production update :slight_smile:


@MightyDodger You raise the most important point. Almost every backer receiving a 5K has reported a serious fault. Loose earphone jack, back light bleed, dead pixels. It seems their mass producing absolute crap at this stage. @anon74848233 What are you doing about the quality issues? This is unacceptable


…and what we’ve not mentioned in our failure list yet is, that the power adapter from a guy here in the forum died after some hours and another guy on the official FB site asked for help, because his HMD was dead on arrival…

i don’t think they are mass producing crap at all.
its not because they don’t say what they do that they are not doing anything.
Only thing that worries me is the very slow shipping rate meaning very late delivery.

Nice to see that you are concerned on behalf of the backers :laughing:
But yeah, whats going on with the 8k production? :confused:


Well after failing on the promise of the 8K (their whole marketing strategy) it seems the 5k+ with dead pixels is the way to go :slight_smile:

Of course, one scenario is that they are taking Quality Control more seriously after the recent reports of dead pixels, DOA and whatnot - therefore adding to the delay between production and shipping, but hopefully resulting in far fewer issues for users. We can’t complain about QC and shipping delays without realizing that they have an impact on each other.