Programme de service client (Fr Translation)

Mise à jour du programme de service client!

Chers amateurs de Pimax,

Nous apprécions tout le soutien que vous avez tous!

Merci beaucoup pour vos nombreuses suggestions, commentaires et compliments.

Notre objectif principal pour 2020 est de satisfaire complètement chaque client et de développer un système de support client facile à utiliser, rapide et convivial.

Voici quelques mises à jour sur ce sur quoi nous travaillons et sur ce que nous avons accompli jusqu’à présent!

Nouvelle ligne directe mondiale

Nous avons terminé la configuration de nos nouvelles hotlines mondiales de service client.

Si vous rencontrez des questions urgentes / non résolues, vous pouvez toujours nous contacter.

Notre support vous aidera et résoudra votre problème.
Voici les numéros officiels:

NA - +1 (714) 581 9199
UE - +46 840304731
Japon - +81 5032050856

Système de ticket de support

La prise en charge du retard cause la frustration, nous nous sommes donc efforcés de réduire notre temps de réponse du service client à moins de 24 heures.

SI votre ticket dépasse 48 heures et n’est pas résolu, vous pouvez directement envoyer des messages à l’une de ces plateformes - Quorra (OpenMR), 8K VR Club / Pimax official (Facebook), @pimaxofficial (Twitter) et Pimax_hmd (Instagram) et faites-le nous savoir directement.

Transparence des délais de livraison et de traitement

Un certain nombre d’utilisateurs se sont plaints des retards de traitement ET des délais d’expédition inconnus ou inexacts. Nous avons résolu de corriger ces erreurs et avons une équipe qui se concentre spécifiquement sur cette question.
Nous sommes bien conscients que si les délais de livraison et de traitement ne sont pas affichés du tout ou sont affichés de manière inexacte, les clients perdront confiance. Nous nous assurons que les clients sont complètement informés avant de passer leur commande dans le système de panier d’achat. Les délais d’expédition précis et les délais de traitement sont détaillés.

Rassemblement après la vente

Notre équipe d’assistance effectuera une communication après-vente à chaque client par e-mail pour connaître les problèmes, questions ou problèmes qu’ils pourraient avoir. Notre plan est de déterminer les domaines dans lesquels nous pouvons nous améliorer et, bien sûr, de résoudre les problèmes en suspens que les clients peuvent rencontrer.

Rapport de satisfaction client

Nous préparerons et mettrons à jour un rapport mensuel de satisfaction client sur OpenMR. Notre équipe interne examinera tous les commentaires des clients et s’assurera que le niveau de satisfaction augmente continuellement.

Si vous n’êtes pas satisfait de l’un de nos produits / politiques, vous pouvez partager vos idées à Quorra est en charge de collecter et de transmettre tous les commentaires aux membres de l’équipe et aux managers si nécessaire.

Translated from : Customer Service Program

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Hello, thank you for your weekly update.

I am writing to you here because apparently I cannot create any other subject on the forum!

I would like to take stock with all of you and the backers who would also like to contribute, since it is time for the weekly update!

Effectively ; we were engulfed by information, changes, upgrades not understood by non-English speakers!

By cons like many other French backers who understand little English, I tried to follow somehow and understand the process of pimax, which over time has increased the power of helmets "what I understood in relation to the upgrades ", considering all the new references; and therefore the impossibility of changing, unless you have an even more powerful gaming PC.

So now a simple 8k is absolutely not an 8k, I think the upgrade should have been done at zero cost for the backers!

In short, this is a parenthesis that I may not have understood, and I am absolutely convinced that many of us were unable to upgrade our kikstater, because of a PC that we had to uprgard himself, we are for the most part … all rich to be able to keep the helmet and the pc at the same time!

We feel a little bit lazy by this time of 2 years or we have given 1000 euros more or less to end up with a less efficient helmet to this day which we have not even even really taken advantage of "for my part it is the case ", I am waiting to receive everything and finally to have the software completely stable, the beta versions, I’m a bit fed up, even if you say that there are versions being called stable! I wait until everything is finally stable “everything”, like all headsets on the market, we plug in, we put the software, we connect everything, and we launch the games and we play!

Tired of being testers for the uninitiated! I have other things to do in my days, than testing pimax!

It was the risk to predict … ok we play the game of the background campaign it was the kikstarter deal, but I think that the backers should be a little better cared for, because it is thanks to them and your teams that we are there!

It would have been good to send an email for each of the backers who did not understand anything about the upgrade plan or apparently that we still had to pay to have the minimum that we had expected for two years, and for some; who like me gave more money at the kikstater believing to be a little more pampered commercially according to the promises to the epqoue, forever not knowing exactly what we will receive compared to what had been promised , with or without having given slices of 100 euros additional for such or such additional modules, which is my case for the follow-up of the hands which I hoped, because at the time I had put all my savings there?

What bonuses with the 100 euros voucher that you promised us on the kikstarter and the 100 euros that I added myself will you be entitled to by recognition, receive exactly?

I’m the 942 backer from France, and I only have a first generation 8k headset to date and that’s it … and we don’t know the surprise of what we will receive exactly , it’s frankly very stressful and I’m certainly not the only one, it’s obvious!

For the moment I am disappointed, but I hope to change my mind, because I am also aware of the efforts that your teams have had to make, but the team is also the patience of the backers, 2 years is a huge wait for people who don’t have money falling from the sky!

I will make good publicity when all this is finally very clear and that we will have received everything and that this will work, promises included and without financial upgrade! Because personally I have more money for a VR headset to date!

Suddenly, we are blocked from receiving the minimum, and I tell you, I have not yet managed to live a simple experience with this headset without having to worry, yet I have a very good pc hardware and am not beginner in computer science, even if I sometimes have to tweak everything like everyone I imagine.

So make good publicity, if you are disappointed, it is obvious that it is difficult, when I was the first to sell pimax to my friends! Since then I have had mixed feelings and I dare not say anything … I am waiting to see.

Now I would come back to my comments, if things will be just for the backers! If I live a good experience, obviously I would not fail to let people know, it will be a fair return.

Thanks for reading me !

Take care of yourself also regarding the corona viral situation, whether I am disappointed or not in the future.

My friendships from France.