Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018

Thank you for your update very much :+1:

Concerning the 110 HMD’s already on stock: The 94th HMD on the bottom of the third pile of cartons should be mine :hugs::sunglasses:


You are really doing great work here! Much appreciated! Even if I have to wait a little longer, to see such a level of transparency is great.


263 units produced. Backer 254, but still 110 in warehouse…


Not sure if that is the best idea. Sounds like it might blow up in your face. :smirk:

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Dark Souls VR? … 20chars

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That is good news. Production rate is actually improving.


Maybe he’s collecting them for the Soul Keeper!

How many of those are 5k+’s? It doesn’t say.

45 5k+ and 36 8ks. check the document


Sadly, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Backer 137 here with no updates as of yet.

Last communication I had with them was on September 30th to confirm that I was in the first batch of 100. In which they said I was and to, and I quote “Be patient”.

Anyone think that 42+ days later and ZERO communication is acceptable?


Clearly 42 days of no communication is unacceptable. Reading their production reports though I can see how yours didn’t get shipped. On the bright side you will almost certainly be part of Wednesday’s tracking numbers that are disseminated by their logistics company.

Pimax is the type of group who largely just go dark when something isn’t right. Lots of engineers are that way. 15 is not a lot of people at a company. But as they grow no doubt they will have employees dedicated to this sort of thing. I imagine they didn’t because so few devices were actually leaving their warehouse.

Often some can’t be happy with most things. Updates are being quite regular now. Be happy with that. Or buy a Hardlight vest.


I’m in a similar situation (#248, “getting ready to ship” email received 15 Oct). But I’m personally fine with the level of detail in the progress update @Matthew.Xu posted. It lets me know that they are working on stuff and roughly when I can expect them to finish manufacturing my HMD. The waiting has been maddening, but at least we’re getting decent updates instead of static.


The updates are indeed very welcome, but also very troubling.

Roughly two weeks ago, they told the Pre-Order folks that their headsets will ship in 120 days.

Last week, they produced 160. Yes, it’s going to get better, but is it going to get 700+/week better?

Do the math… 700/week is what they need to be doing now to fulfill backer pledges to even have a shot at meeting their pre-order commitments.

In the interest of good communications, is Pimax willing to concede that meeting backer pledges in 10 weeks is just not going to happen?

IMO, it’s a fair question and (at the least) sets a baseline for both backer and pre-order customer expectations. Instead of kicking this can further down the road, just ‘rip off the band-aid’ and be done with it.


Indeed from one of the backer meets I think someone said Robin figures 3000 headsets by xmas?

The same is true of the Vega Gpu driver issues being worked on. It should have been just said that atm it’s not working well but AMD & the team are working on getting this fixed up and will report once progress is made.


I think we can all agree that Robin has a history for saying things that shouldn’t be taken as ‘official’. :wink:

That’s still 450/week and I don’t see that happening either, but I would love to be surprised.

Regardless, an official statement committing on a number by Xmas and a date to have backer pledges completed would be very welcome.


Why not? If they’re aiming at 100 units/day/production line (and 3 production lines, eventually) it should be doable, even if it takes a while before they reach that production rate. It should even be doable with one production line (and 6 work days / week = 600 units/week).

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Well at present it could be committed to 20/day as this is atm where it’s at by the updates. As with Robin if one were to listen carefully I am sure there was likely a maybe meaning more or less. Often folks listen to the highlights and miss key works that imply possible and take it as an absolute statement(I know this at times makes me miss key details).:thinking:

So with an approx of 20/day we only need 300 working days to hit 6000 units of which does not represent necessarily the number of units to fulfill backer pledges as some have order vr party or extra headsets.

While unfortunate these things are not in our control and will need to move at the speed it will until it gets where it needs to be. I myself would really like base stations and controllers but am unwilling to spend extra money on v1 lh & controllers. So my full experience will have to suffer until then. I agree in both cases it will suck until it doesn’t.:beers::confused::+1:


Same situation as you. Backup with number less than 150.

And since September 25 and the answer is always…

Be patient. Thank you

They also replied that my tracking and shipping number will be on the next lot.

Well, according to the latest information, that should be tomorrow or the day after.

Let’s see if it’s true… Or we must continue to be patient! :wink:


don’t forget they rest on Sundays!

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