Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018

@Matthew.Xu Hello could you give new approximatively estimation about delivery date for :

for backers :

1000-1500 ? before christmas ?
1500 - 2000 ? january ?
2500 - 3000 ? february ?
3000 - 3500 …
3500 - 4000
4000 - 4500
4500 - 5000
5000 - 5500
5500 - 6000
6000 - 6500
6500 - 7000

Something like this to know approximatively when we will have our headset. it will be more easy to wait… because they said in berlin that 90% chance all backers will be delivery for christmas. but now it’s impossible.

i m 4536 i hope to have in march - april i think. (i hope)

Best regards, and many thanks for your replies.


Why do you say so? I don‘t understand.

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that woul be very useful, maybe go by every 1000 instead, keep it more simple, should get faster later as well.

1000 - 2000 December
2000 - 3000 January
3000 - 5000 February
5000 - 7000 March

When the capacity is stable at 100 units / day/line, I will update this plan. Thank you.


Yes if late backers are looking at Easter then that’s fine by me but much easier for me if I know now, and if the HMD’s come sooner than expected it will be a Bonus


Hi Matthew.xu

I was showing concern for Jean-Mehdi’s well being, if he is truly feeling despair. That’s a mental state that should be handled by professionals.

BTW - on your production spreadsheet here: Production Progress Update Jan 29/2019

Does the Date Of Storage column show when the parts for each batch are expected into the factory? If so, then that’s a good indication of the expected throughput over time is it not?


And, you’ll get your hmd before me and the other guy.

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I’m sure even the best psychiatrist couldn’t evaluate someone’s mental health by reading his forum posts, let alone you.


pfff i am almost 5500 backer,so no pimax before christmas:sob:

In the same ballpark as you. Cannot say that I particularly care, knowing that the issue with Vega 64 is not solved, at least I will probably receive it when everything starts working properly … I hope

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No, there’s an extra hard layer between the LCD and the lens, dust on top of this a user could clean, but dust on the LCD would mean cracking the housing open.

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Then we’ll wait a bit longer!
I had to wait for 2,5 years my LaFerrari, so I’m patient with Pimax too.

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@Matthew.Xu I think tracking is problem because sometime it show when the headset arrived in some country.

I think we only update that the headset of backer number 100-200 , 201-400 are shipped in each week or period. That are the good solution for updating to people.

So we can decrease question about why higher backer already get tracking.
If I know that my headset are already ship, I only wait, maybe around 1 month.

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Got my tracking number!:grinning:

edit: updated spreadsheet


To those who received it, what´s is your pledge number range ?

Like "im in the 120-130 range and still didn´t received mine.

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237 here… got my tracking number 2 hours ago.

I updated these google doc:


I am in the low 60s………


Yes, You understand that.
This is the current production & material schedule. With the increase of production, the materials will also increase. Thank you.

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You don’t have to worry about this. Logistics from China to Thailand is very convenient.


Now im really worried.

@Matthew.Xu Can you check what´s up with my pledge ? I am in the 110-130 range by the same name.