Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018

No i preordered which means im paying more. All im saying is they need to hurry up and reach that 100 a day goal.

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I’m backer 1298, I havnt received any email yet about what headset I require, should I have done by now?
Cheers :slight_smile:

I think you’re fine. As far as I know, Pimax is still in the mid hundreds, so it will likely be another week, maybe more, before you get that email.


Their emails are up to appox backer number 687. Some people up to 317 have received tracking numbers. Good news is they seem to be building every day and supposedly received the new housings today.


looks promising for me*. It seems like I shouldn’t have much longer to wait.

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it’a snail race…facepalm matthew…

Are you ok now with housing parts quality?

I would love to travel to China, build my headst and fly back. There are 1,2 Billions people in China and it seems that you have no sufficient manpower…what the hell???

Then go to the China and stop complaining in every post. Edit. Fixed grammar.


eileiksis, you really use every chance you get to pimp around, don’t you?


Thank you very much for all the information and your efforts.


Don’t forget about skill training for assemble.
And he not tell that the manpower is insufficient, read carefully.

Tomorrow we will increase manpower to assemble the headsets.


They always say “tomorrow”, dont you see it? They know the HMD model since one year or two years and knew of which components it exist for training the workers.

The quality is satisfactory.


Except this doesn’t have anything at all to do with training their workers. It about availability of larger quantity parts.

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Pimax yes the assembly workers no. So you need to relax. I am sure your not as your currently presenting yourself.

The manufacturing firm has not been there since the start.

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Welcom to travel in China.
As I said before, production capacity needs to climb. When the production capacity is stable at 80-100 production lines, we can add more production lines.


it’s one year now that I have pledged…therefore my current feelings…

Please read up on Kickstarter projects & be thankful it is only a year.


Please do not doubt our production capacity. But it is now a “painful process” as production capacity needs to climb and stabilize.