Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018

This where games could allow more adjustments within there own settings & use gimicks like what was in the old Dvds the ThX optimizer. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

I prefer to have the most settings as possible.

To avoid confusing users you could still put all those settings in a hidden menu requiring a specific key combination to enter in.

Now my panasonic plasma TV has plenty of very advanced settings like independant RGB gain & bias (and even a lot more than that) and those aren’t in an hidden menu at all, despite the TV aims general consumer public.

Those who are afraid by settings they don’t know/understand will just not touch it.
For others it will make them want to learn and they will start doing research on the web to understand how to take advantage of such advanced settings.
And those, as well as others who already have such knowledge, will be super happy they can calibrate their pimax (as I’m super happy I can fine tune and calibrate my plasma TV).

Remember VR users tend to be more inclined to have deeper technical knowledge than say “random pc monitor user”. And even when they don’t have that knowledge they are still more inclined to do the effort to learn compared to other consumer markets implying displays.

So for me it makes sense to give plenty of advanced display settings for those pimax.


Pimax have a niche market users base some of us will be like Sweviver other will be less technically incline.

1- You must make a few general preset for most cases and and easy way to restore the headset to these presets.

2- Some of us will want to tweak the setting because every VR experience is different and a small team like Pimax can’t foresee all possible scenarios.

3- Like said elsewhere profiles by game or default is very welcome

4- Contrast and brightness control are essential

5- monitors and TV set are all consumer products and they have some kind of color control. Some time it’s very well hidden in a sub menu and setting values are limited in range to enforce the safety or longevity of the device but it’s their.


Please stop trying to talk Pimax out of giving us proper settings capability. You are the only one doing this. Geeeeze.

Free forum no is stipping anything. Stop presuming things.


Well i do hope (twisting a log with my bare hands) that my unit is shipped this week :angry:

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Yea, its a bit frustrating to be skipped.
It makes you wonder how long its going to take to begin to ship to us with odd countries with low backer count…especially considering someone in the country next to me got theirs shipped before me :frowning:

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As a Baker 50XX I will get my unit at 8.February!!! I wonder if they close the factory during christmas

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I doubt that they will. Next holiday is New Years (typically only that day is observed) and Lunar New Year (in Feb):

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After shipping, I think people want to know what is the last backer number who get shipping. So peolple will know how long to wait.


Looks like I won’t get my 8K for xmas.
Considering the amount of money we backers injected into the project, I’d have hoped it would be a bit faster to be honest.

The last backer number we have in the progress spreadsheet is backer #7,684. We only have about 7% of backers in the sheet so you can assume approximately 7,800 backers. Some of these people have more than 1 device backed so the total devices shipped would be at least 8,500 devices or so. Since they’ve produced about 420 or so that leaves about 8,000. 80/day, 6 days per week = 16 weeks to finish but they are indeed increasing to cut down the time.


Anyone have an idea or seen any posts by the pimax team when the next shipment batch will be posted. Seems like a long time to still not see any progress on the tracker sheet for almost a week?

Next batch is supposedly coming this week.


Sweet, thanks for the reply. Really curious to see what type of production this batch will have for the 5k+ as i am still about 100 backers away from my backer number and given how much further behind the 5k+ is compared to the 8k in tracking numbers it will give me a good idea of when to realistically expect my tracking at the current pace and unless they release an update with them being able to ramp up production even more.

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Depends on many factors. Where you live and luck. They don’t follow the list perfectly(very sad). ALthough the recent productions is heavily shifted towards 5k+ units.

But if you live in a common country and within 100 from the latest then yea, you’re in the coming batch. Lucky man.

-Skipped person.


I noticed on the current batch it’s now saying “Customs clearance completed”. Does that mean it’s reached the UK and we’ll get our next tracking number very soon?

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Damn dude that sucks, did you at lease get a response as to why you were skipped in the first place and when you can expect yours to go out? Knowing my luck i will probably end up being one of the skipped people. I am in the US and have had plenty of other backers have theirs shipped here but like you said, who knows who many headsets they will need to be ready for my region before they feel a shipment is justified lol

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Where did you see this? On the backer tracker document or on the documents of the recent production post?

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