Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018

Hello @Matthew.Xu :slight_smile:

When will the next shipment take place?

I see something between 300 and 400 units in total in stock, so this should be sufficient for at least one or even two shipping batches.

Thx for a short reply :slight_smile:


I also came here just to ask this @Matthew.Xu any updates please…?

I’m backer 1298 and not received my email yet too:(

Matthew is away. @anon74848233 might have some info. But let’s go easy on the team & not bombard them.


I will keep updating the process.This will update this afternoon(Beijing Time)


Now we’re talking…! :+1::wink:


So many units in wearhouse ! Please ship them ASAP, looks like last call to get it before Xmass at least to EU countrys where ship. process is taking 2-3 weaks.



Is the second production line working?
Does this report include output of both lines?


Thanks a lot. It is nice that you took over and keep us informed.
Looks like the second production line is allready at it.

I am allways a bit sceptical because pimax seems to be overly optmistic most of the time but these numbers are very promising. Looks like the production ramp up is finally happening.

Keep up the good work.


Well, I don’t think that two polite questions already are a bombardment :wink:

Furthermore, you can easily go “easy” since you have your HMD already, at least according the google table. Considering your position in that table, I am still questioning myself how you achieved this…? :wink:

Thank you very much. Would really be great if you could ship in the course of the next days, and furthermore, please, try shipping the following batch already asap, too - stock should be sufficient right now. We are approaching XMas… :wink:

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@Heliosurge as well as others had been selcted by Pimax to be part of a testers group that received HMDs for said purpose. Hope that puts an end to your auto-interrogation :wink:


Thank you very much for the update

Sorry for this newb questions : but was is the difference between Module and output ? And what does “housing” means also ?


ramping up the output… booyah~

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Yep. Thanks for this post, they definitely weren’t trying as hard as they could before or planning on shipping anything until this post. Nice one :+1:

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WOAHH 98 headsets in one day YES LADS! This is what we’re talking about!!!

Two questions though to you mr. @anon74848233 : can you explain what are these “modules”? And second thing is, can you please inform the pimax engineers to improve the headphone jack? Because like some have said (@anon33864247 the one I remember right now) that their headphones don’t go all the way in the headphone jack. And as a result, they can only hear from the left ear headphone


I just don’t get whether you mean it ironic or serious… :thinking: :wink:

All what I can see is that there is a batch of more than 200 HMD ready for shipment in stock since almost a week now. Normally it shouldn’t take as long to arrange package pickup, don’t you think…?

Seeing XMas and all the logistic difficulties and traffic bottlenecks upcoming, I really fear I won’t get mine before although I am much closer to it than others (#247). Originally, it was promised for Octobre/Novembre - now we are approaching Decembre…

In total, I really really appreciate the new information transparency about production and shipments, no question about that :+1:t4: :smiley:

@twack3r, @Heliosurge
Ok, thanks, I didn’t knew :slight_smile:


Perhaps this next shipment is going to be shipped in a container by a dedicated Pimax Truck :smiley:

This way it may be easier to get them shipped perhaps.

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Hm seems its possible to break 1000 end of this week