Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018

Any updates on units built today bros

Glad to see manufacturing is ramping up smoothly. Look forward to my headset.


Jesteś z Polski? z jakiego miasta?
Jaki masz sprzęt?

Can I Play With Madness

best Pimax Song


Slask / 1080ti , 8700k - uzywaj prywatnych wiadomosci


Well, that’s nice and all.

But how about we ship something !!! :pleading_face:


I know that’s right! Patience is reaching my pissed off threshold at this point. If things were actually ramping up, devices would be shipping as well. 2 weeks ago I got a reply that my #200’s pledge would be shipping “next week” I’m about “next week/next month” to death at this point. These guys certainly live in a time warp. Website says 90 days for preorders for almost a week now without an actual countdown. Quit making promises and get your “shi*” together already pimax. The projected dates I believe as much as the coming ice age in 2019.


At least they hit 1000 but strange they have so many just sitting in the warehouse

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Yeah do you really believe that? Hahahaha!!!


Not sure why the delay in getting them out. They passed the 200 units barrier to ship some time ago. Get them going or find a shipper who can.

@anon74848233 will pimax be able to keep up with the schedule of shipping the first 1000 backer unit by the end of this month?

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@anon74848233 When are you going to set the 3rd production line ?

When 2nd line was added production almost instantly doubled from 50 to 100/day (approx.).

I would be reassured to see you don’t wait to start the 3rd line, and even a 4th one as soon as the 3rd will be up and running.

After 2 monthes you managed to produce a few hundreds HMDs and you still have several thousands to produce just to cover backers deliveries. I don’t see that happening soon unless you start additionnal production lines quickly now the 2nd one seem to run well.

@anon74848233 there has not been a tracking number reported by a backer since Nov 8th.

All these production numbers are awesome, but to be blunt, they don’t mean squat if you aren’t actually shipping.

You promised shipping in 200 unit batches… what happened to that?

If you’re production numbers are accurate, you should be shipping every 2-3 days!

Why is it that you guys dig yourself out of one hole only to fall into another one that could have been avoided.

I just don’t get it.

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It doesn’t take a genius to figure any of this out. It’s not hard to get a grunt to run 200 of these imaginary HMD’s down to the local China post

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Thanks for your question.
1.We are sending 136 units this batch because our backers wants to receive their products earlier.The price is better if we send 200 units and we have to pay extra fee to send less than 200.
2.The reason we don’t send so many products is that we need to double check the device before ship out(make sure every headset is great) and we don’t have enough people to do this faster.We have a lot of device waiting to be send and waiting to be double checked.
3.There are so many backers said they took too much time to receive products.We are absorbing suggestions from forum and we are looking for more efficient transport method to ship products to you.


Case and point. See my above photo. Wow! .Tell you what, I’ll give you my fedex account number to ship on my dollar at this point. You have been flooded with funding. Absorb the cost and deliver. That’s the cost of doing business. If I told my customers or better yet investors, that I’m trying to save a dollar at the expense of credibility, I’d be laughed at, which at this point how October shipping during a holiday became now November 29 without any significant improvement, has at this point just become ludicrous.

Bro, we have so many products waiting to be sent. The double check group just work so hard to speed up the process.We love you ,our backers


we still love you ,i mean it


Better for us and them if they double check each unit. Please dont start with presure becouse many of us will have no luck and do RMA which take ages at current stage.