Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018

Wait, how is it possible that you only have 70 done? It should be at well over 150 if you have kept up production of 20 headsets a day. You had 50 units in warehouse at the beginning of last week. Was there really only 20 extra headsets made last week that can be shipped?

I really hope you guys aren’t skipping people and giving priority to people like Palmer Luckey or developers and that’s where half the headsets are going.

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We will continue to deliver the goods next, please rest assured. We’re not skipping anyone.
The weekend produced will be put in warehouse today. Last Friday, the factory sent 70 sets of products to Shanghai, we have received today. So we decided to send 70 sets for this batch. Thank you


So that means it’s physically impossible that mine is not on its way.

What if they ARE skipping people? What are you going to do? There’s nothing you can do besides wait. If you complain like this, then they’re going to stop giving out numbers. People complained before about no production updates, but now that we have updates you’re making up projected numbers and making up stories. Matthew said, “We have to reduce the production temporarily to ensure the quality of the headsets.” Maybe they’re still testing some of the headsets they made. They’re not just going to make them and ship them without testing.



We will release the latest Pitool version to support Back light adjustment on Pimax 8K series.
Please pay attention to our upgrade hint on Pitool.


@Sean.Huang that is a good thing. How about the color correction to more natural on 5k+?


What about color intensity adjustment? Isn’t that coming as well?


About color intensity adjustment, I will organize a meeting talk with Sean and R&D. Thank you


How many units out of that batch of 70 correspond to each model (5k+ and 8k) ?

What day of this week will be sent and until what number of sponsor is reached in the list?

If so and sent this week should receive my tracking number.


Thank you

I’d also like to know how many 5k+ units are in this batch, I think it’s a fair question instead of us potentially needlessly thinking we shouldn’t use expect a delivery only for another surprise.

I will update the detailed data today. Thank you


Look forward to the update. I know from the shipping spreadsheet that was started that the 5k+ production was behind the 8k production as several people with higher backer numbers than me received their tracking numbers and headsets but they were all 8ks. Hope this 70 batch has more 5k+.

I hope my pledge ships this week, im a backer ~120ish and there´s some “devs” in the #140 range already receiving theirs.

This isn´t what was agreed before.

The ideal would be to make equal parts.

Same number of 5k+ as 8k

I’m below 150 and still no tracking number.

Shang Tsung just confirmed he has receieved his and is in another realm looking for souls :wink:

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What is now the producion rate per day??? Everybody is talking here about shipping rate, damned!!!

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Thank you for your answer, that makes last week 23,2 units per day!! I really hope that you manage still in November the goal of 100 pieces per day at least. It should begin this Wednesday, if the housings are good and in sufficient numbers.

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Thanks for the information.

I ask you again for the 84 confirmed units, as I understand they are ready for shipment between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

How many units correspond to each model?

And until what number the list of sponsors is reached with that number of units?

It would be much easier for everyone to understand, saying until which sponsor number you will receive your tracking number.

Specify exact dates when they leave the stores and begin their journey to the sponsor’s home.

And to be able to be a rough estimate of time until you reach the sending country/countries. (1 or 2 weeks or 20 days, etc…)

Thank you @Matthew.Xu


From the uploaded documents. 45 5k+ and 36 8ks.