Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018

Why not? If they’re aiming at 100 units/day/production line (and 3 production lines, eventually) it should be doable, even if it takes a while before they reach that production rate. It should even be doable with one production line (and 6 work days / week = 600 units/week).

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Well at present it could be committed to 20/day as this is atm where it’s at by the updates. As with Robin if one were to listen carefully I am sure there was likely a maybe meaning more or less. Often folks listen to the highlights and miss key works that imply possible and take it as an absolute statement(I know this at times makes me miss key details).:thinking:

So with an approx of 20/day we only need 300 working days to hit 6000 units of which does not represent necessarily the number of units to fulfill backer pledges as some have order vr party or extra headsets.

While unfortunate these things are not in our control and will need to move at the speed it will until it gets where it needs to be. I myself would really like base stations and controllers but am unwilling to spend extra money on v1 lh & controllers. So my full experience will have to suffer until then. I agree in both cases it will suck until it doesn’t.:beers::confused::+1:


Same situation as you. Backup with number less than 150.

And since September 25 and the answer is always…

Be patient. Thank you

They also replied that my tracking and shipping number will be on the next lot.

Well, according to the latest information, that should be tomorrow or the day after.

Let’s see if it’s true… Or we must continue to be patient! :wink:


don’t forget they rest on Sundays!

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We’re in agreement with the numbers, except that the reddit spreadsheet says there’s at least 7684 backers.

You’re sill missing my point, I’m afraid. If it’s going to take 300 working days (one year) to fulfill the backer pledges (it’s not), then I agree that “it is what it is”.

What Pimax needs to contend with is telling the pre-order customers that fulfilling their orders in 10 weeks (as they promised) is just not in the cards

Backers (supposedly) made their pledge understanding the risks. The pre-order customers are a very different animal. They paid for a product to be absolutely delivered within a stated time frame, no risk implied. They can (and should) expect Pimax to meet the stated shipping date of 120 days.

The pre-order customers deserve that kind of information so that they can make an informed decision if >120 days is not acceptable to them.

Why 120 days?
It says early 2019 and update in December.

I think we should at least wait this week see how it goes before speculating …


This train is flying towards shipping preorders before backers.
Will Pimax let go of most preorders and raise the money to refund them? Or will they not do as said to the backers and add a be patient, please be advised?
The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.


“The pre-order shipment should start when we have shipped the headsets for our Kickstarter backers.”

From Preorder page.


Which I agree that will be between pimax & the pre order customers.

But if your looking for guarenteed production numbers will change from day to day. And hopefully don’t decrease but increase.

I do agree if they are unable to get things moving; unhappy backers will be a minor issue compared to upset pre order customers. But NoloVR survived and hopefully pimax doesn’t follow there poor examples.

Well Games often give apologies freebies to appease customers when they disappoint.

When has a statement from Pimax been reliable?
Future behaviour…past behaviour.


Often just not on the info we would have prefered it to be.

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Like Helio said, often.

There is also a difference between a “kickstarter / forum” statement and a statement made on official pre-order page.

I prefer to see the cup half full :wink:


I agree I see the empty part of the cup with pimax. It didn’t start out that way.
I refuse to fall into the trap in life of convincing myself ‘This time will be different. This time he won’t hit me. This time he loves me.’
Disrespectful behaviour that is repeated is going to keep on repeating until you remove yourself.
I will be removing myself and having no further dealings with pimax if my pledge product ever arrives. And purely because they cannot see a reason to be honest.


Well with the cup so you can see whats in it instead of focusing on the empty part. Hold it above your head looking at the cup & pour. You should see whats coming. :beers::innocent::+1::sparkles:

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Or using a stein with a glass bottom so you can see the enemy approaching.:laughing:

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For most people the cup is going to be completely full. It just happens to be half air… just like most marketing claims. :smirk:


You are confusing production difficulties with lies. By your standard HTC and Oculus lied with their really, really slow ramp ups as well. I would point out those rampups were both considerably slower than this one.

When you manufacture a product and a critical supplier tells you they will have X number of parts to you on Y day you generally expect them to get it done.

But you better hope none of your 100+ suppliers fall down or are late because ***Flinnt will declare ***you a liar and a cheat over their failure to deliver good parts, on time and in large quantity. If you relay information that you receive from your testing team that 50 can be built a day but it winds up being far less BOOM Flinnt’s judgement will come down on you like a jackhammer. (and all over things that happen every day, in every business, all over the world who develop new products.

This is the problem that happens when a manufacturer attempts to provide some sort of window into what mass production is like. It is HARD, things go WRONG. Plain and Simple.


From tracker sheet

number 134 just get tracking number on Nov 8 and get headset Nov 9.
Sometimes you will get tracking when the headset arrived.


Interesting :face_with_monocle: