Project progress update for v4 prototype

Hello Backers,
After a long period of time, we finally got the prototype of V4. Here is a list of V4 prototype improving and solving parts.

  1. Hardware:
    a. Optimized the IPD adjustment design and mold;
    b. Changed the cloth around the lenses for better elasticity and leakproofness / better hardware IPD adjustment experience;
    c. Changed the material of the CLPL holder to light-weighted alloy for better heat dissipation and strength of the headset.

  2. Software:
    a. Optimized optical design
    b. Debugging with Brainwarp
    c. Improving ASW algorithm
    d. Developing the production testing software and tools.




That´s some really great news ! Can´t wait for actual testing !

Cheers !


Thanks, Matthew.

I guess the prototype lenses are now made in one piece, right?

Thanks Matthew !

I was wondering the same. Is that what Optimized optical design means ? (But why in software part though ? )


Maybe the software that does distortion transform is tuned to the actual lens better?


Yep, because in V3 demo with GTX 1070 we can see they render at 4096x2657 /eye, that is much higher than 2560x1440 input per eye, so would compromise performance(FPS) on any GPU intensive VR game. It is basically like rendering with Vive but set SS to 2.0 in SteamVR, and it is known that only GTX 1080Ti can handle such settings(with decent fps), hope Pimax can optimize this, but there is inherited need for higher render res(than native) to get 1:1 pixel mapping in center of the lens due to higher FOV. So number 4096 may be lowest optimal, 2657 probably can be lower. Wild guessing a bit :slight_smile: .

More wild guessing, why use 2657, that is 1.85x1440, is to compensate for upscaling text. I think when upscaling, it is more preferable to reduce horizontal res, if I remember correctly PS4 pro uses checkerboard rendering at res 1920x2160 so keep vertical res. Why is vertical res so important? Text usually has a lot of strait lines, and upscaling will cause text not to look as sharp(less readable). Pimax upscales vertical from 1440 to 2160, Linus already noted that for this case, if you want to read text, 5K could actually be more optimal(no upscaling).


fantastic news! so glad to see an update on the progress.


Thanks for the update @Matthew.Xu much appreciated !


the information is appreciated.
I imagine that all those who did not see well that they asked for updates and information of the progresses will not need to read your publication. :wink:

For the rest of the sponsors, it would be possible a video showing the v4 version, its design, performance, etc …?


Thanks for the update @Matthew.Xu

Glad to hear you guys are making progress regarding both hard- as well as software.

Have you made any progress at all with the switch to DP1.4 and in turn regarding panel frequency and stability?


It was not so difficult to report any progress and the people so happy.


Thanks for the update… Only one month left!!! :sweat_smile:

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The product is finished when it is working and production ready not at an artificial delivery date. I don’t want any crap i want a unit that works out of the box and outperforms the Oculus, Vive…
If they are not done in January i am happy to wait longer for a finished product instead of receiving a rushed out broken crap just to make some guys happy who think kickstarter is an onlineshop.
You guys really need to forget about that January date and instead focus on the quality of the product.


Quality above all. Take your time Pimax, neither more nor less.


Not the same opinion, Time is gold and I hope that 8K will be ready on January, for further waiting they gave the option for 8K X till May.

Agreed. Imo, it’s better to wait for a great product, than to rush and release a flawed product.


idd. We all want a finished and pulished product above all imo. A january/february delivery date would be awesome but not the priority for me


Good to see that things are progressing. However, for us backers it only will really become tangible when there are hands-ons from independent reviewers, so I suppose we will have to wait until CES 2018 to get confirmation of any progress. Especially hoping for the cockpit demo‘s to show performance with some challenging programs like PJC2.
So for the coming 6 weeks I am relaxed, as I know I will not be able to make a lot out of any progress updates, unless they announce delays or huge problems…

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Awesome update!

Now with the “cloth” material in the headset is it removable? The reason I ask is that a fellow at Immersed asked this question. He brings VR experiences to terminally ill patients. As a requirement of the hospital all Cloth like materials needs to be removed.

Kevin from Tom’s Hardware also mentioned how it was not s good choice with Oculus not having this removable for hygenitc reasons.


GREAT NEWS “Changed the cloth around the lenses for better elasticity and leakproofness / better hardware IPD adjustment experience”
That was one of my big concerns, now just need to know about the cap fps, did you guys hit 90?