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Just installed Project Wingman and wow its amazing :heart_eyes:
Thats the first time I have been in a flying machine in vr . I had a bit motion sickness for the first time in my life :sweat_smile:
I felt Dips to 45 fps with my 3090 though. Game maxed out on valve Index with 130% SS only . Ingame Stock res scale


Just try it with a motion sim :wink:

Got my yaw vr and flying is so immersive :slight_smile:

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the perfomance is very demanding ? i have all graphics settings on low to get 75 fps in 8kx…

maybe the gpu driver is not good

i have motion rig from next level . is it working there?

Looks like it can run on an Oculus Quest, so it should be possible to run at very high settings on an 8kX?

The briefing and ship configuration stuff looks mildly impressive from YouTube videos. Maybe a bit closer to where we should be with aerospace arcade gaming from the glory days of Descent Freespace .

This game is a surprise hidden Gem on Pimax. It supports the cantered displays, doesn’t spank the CPU with a single thread and uses the GPU very well too. I’ve got incredible graphics at 1.0x render Res on the 5k+ and it hold 90fps without needing any smart smoothing. Literally the only thing I have noticed that isn’t quite right are the clouds clip on the edges in VR and I actually think that’s all VR rather than pimax specific as it’s a know minor bug which will hopefully get sorted but definitely no show stopper as is.

Supports my Hotas very well too for an arcade game which was another nice surprise.

It’s also good fun and the perfect arcade game for quick 30 minute sessions or with mates when you don’t want to be proper simming on the likes of DCS etc.

I’d definitely recommend this to anyone that fancies a go with an arcade flight game that makes great use of vr and a Hotas if you have one (controller works fine too though).


what are your ingame settings and steam vr super sampling ?

Just installed this gem. What an amazing accomplishment by I think it was a 2 man team of developers. The dog fighting, the sound/music tracks, the graphics, the immersion, are near AAA.


Its good to hear that, those FReality guys (Zimtok5) seemed to think it was disappointing.

But I’ve learned not to trust him.

Maybe I will give it a try

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