Protection sleve with hand tracking module

Hello @SweViver
I would like to ask, if the hand tracking module will work, when the protection sleve is applied to the headset.



Hello @Matthew.Xu @SweViver @PimaxUSA

A short reminder, while I didn’t recieved a reply in 1 week. I will try this again, to give you a chance.


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This is a very good question, as I too would like to order them both. Can we get an answer?


i think they are all busy with the fair in Berlin on wendsday and Netherlands on sunday. So I will retry on wendsday next week.

But propably they will make a 3rd PiMaxDay, when the delivery starts on mid of december.

keep your head up, they don’t mind

As you are back in the forum, I would like to ask about the protection sleve, which is unclear for me.
I am asking, while the face cushion (facial foam replacement) might be different for the comfort kit.

Will the hand tracking module work with an installed protection sleve (which can preordered) ?
Thanks in advance @SweViver

Hi @PimaxQuorra,
I would like to address this question to you