PSVR 2 with 4K OLED screens will launch at the end of next year - report

" Earlier this year, Sony announced the headset and talked about the new VR controllers that will be replacing PlayStation Move, pictured above. Now, further details have been leaked including the release date and the screen that will be used for displaying games. The insider sources suggest that the company aims to “release the successor in the holiday period next year.”

The company is apparently is aiming to provide players with a massive increase on the 1920x1080 screens of the first PSVR. Apparently, “Sony Group Corp. plans to use Samsung Display Co. OLED panels in its next-generation PlayStation VR goggles.” These eye rigs will be running at 4000x2040, an obscenely high amount of pixels considering the screens are less than five centimetres from your gorgeous eyes. Hey, how you doin’? Leave a comment, yeah?

The headset’s other huge draw is a single wired connection and some magic called foveated rendering, meaning the unit is able to track your gaze. In short, where you look the developer can render. Where you aren’t looking will remain unrendered, ensuring no processing power is wasted. Magic!

Maybe it is just us, but this VR set has us supremely excited. Are you feeling the same? Is next year the perfect time? Let us know down below!

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