PSVR pimax Headatrap adapter

this got me thinking. It should be possible to print something similar to get the GoQuestVR to work…

plus it has headphones that come off that could work well with VR Ears.

Can you imagine the “FrankenMAS” you could create?

GoQuest with beautiful halo design plus index like VR Ears all neatly attached to a pimax with flip up ability?


I don’t have any experience with other halo straps apart from the WMR ones, which worked pretty well. But was reminded of this post from the other day, there’s a review video


well i might be in the minority here, but I tried tge samsung odyssey gen 1 with psvr style head band. and after about 20 min you could feel a downward pressure on your forehead kind of pushing your eyebrows down. It was hella uncomfortable for me.

Ah OK. I could occasionally feel the forehead strap being too tight and would lose some circulation after a while, but then I was probably turning the dial too tight and didn’t realise until later, as it has comfortable padding!

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