PT .262 discussion :)


Release Notes

  1. Backlight panel control restored on few models.
  2. Optimize GPU utilization
  3. Remove GPU catalytic function.
  4. Fixed abnormal tracking status under circumstances.

Note: EyeTracking Runtime in Next release. Coming soon.

Lets discuss here about GPU utilization… :sunglasses:

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i copy myself…chars chars

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Just tested DCS beta with shadders opt. Caucasus map & FA 18, PT 262, Win 2004 , no HAGS, FFR on conservative ,144/72 hz mode with SM, render 1.0
GPU utization 85~95% , no stutter, clear picture , amazing !


I tried the new pitool262 with assetto corsa and boneworks. I was not expecting this good. GPU utilization in assetto corsa is ~95%, super smooth. Boneworks is also smoother than before. Good work pimax. Seems they finally solved the GPU problem.


Have you also try 90Hz, no Smartsmoove, no FfR. ?

not yet , I fell in love in 144hz mode with SM :wink: - but only in racing and some flight sims

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Higher hz use more cpu power for me…
In DCS i have much more frames without smartsmooth . High in the air, 80-90. @90Hz

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Yes I think 80~90 fps is possible but near city’s or in hangar most likely will drop to 45 .
But you have 8kx dont you ? You have reached 90 fps in upscaling mode or how ?

Nope, at time i use a 8k+ @ 2100 pix vertical.
In DCS PD 1.2, pitool 1.5, steam 44%
This should be also work with 5k
Caucasus, on the ramp fast start, i have 56-62 FpS

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ok now its clear, I’m preferring around 3000 px vertically that’s why I need smart smoothing…
It works great if there is no ghosting or stutter

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Tomorrow i will check the channel map… is the hardest work with all this objects…

Hope, the upcoming Syria map is not to much for vr🙈

Another test - ACC , Win 2004 , no HAGS, FFR on conservative,144/72 hz mode with SM, render 1.0
GPU utilization 82~92% , no stutters when turning head, clear picture, solid 71 ~72 frames with few cars on track.
IMHO the best PT so far !! Thank you Pimax for this improvement.


Quick test with IL2 Sturmovik. Pimax Artisan, 8086K @ 4.9ghz, RTX 2080 SC Ultra, PiTool 261 vs 262.

HAGS off. PiTool 261:
2020-07-20 20:14:21 - Il-2
Frames: 8197 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 68.308 - Min: 53 - Max: 80
GPU usage max ~81%

HAGS off. PiTool 262.
2020-07-20 20:23:59 - Il-2
Frames: 10519 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 87.658 - Min: 69 - Max: 101
GPU usage max ~97%

That’s a performance boost of ~28% on this particular benchmark track.

(By the way, the game runs better than this on my rig, this is deliberately a difficult replay to show performance differences between settings).


Do you think that 262 is better than 254 alfa ?

This is a stable version;

However we need a player of good will that reports 262 working for hours without freezing


I am curious to know when the work of this release started

Congratulations at Pimax

upgraded to 262 yesterday,
had a couple of weird issues with visual distortion. but a clean install and reflashing an old firmware then letting the new cloud firmware install got me up and running.

( only use headset for iracing)
Hats off to Pimax.

88-97 % gpu usage. no stutter…

win 10, HAGS, 2080S.
Large FOV, PT 1, SVR 100, only HAM. no (PP, FFR, Smart smoothing)


although what is interesting is that iracing has a timer for cpu frame rendering and gpu frame rendering…

cpu frame rendering is now locked at specfic value…just like the the rift S ( must be using some tricker there)

gpu frame time is low tho and varies.

So although the gpu usage in Alot higher im not sure on the raw performance yet.

but def no stutter and it seems better.
So at least for me I can move off 253 :+1:

edit: always hit 90fps, can even hit 110hz no stutter (just ghosting on 8k+ :rofl:)


so 262 is good then? as long as no HAGS?

where to download this and does it work on 203 version 5k+?

What is HAGS?enquiring minds want to know

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BUT on my 5k+ 203 unfortunately still the same problem with the 144hz mod on the lower half of the right panel

I 2nd that. What’s HAGS?