Public Service Announcement - ProtubeVR - Valve Index magcups

Public Service Announcement - ProtubeVR - I have the magcups for the Vive wands for 2 years, quality is great. However if you’re thinking about the magcups for the Valve Index controllers, please be aware. Read my PayPal dispute ticket regarding the details of this.

Basically what you see on the website or their assembly video, it’s not the same and what I have got is the “new design”, including very sharp parts that cut into the hand. The website image has been changed since emailing. I just wanted to warn anyone about this if they’re told the same and end up being told to pay for the return postage back to France.


Those parts look so low quality even for a 3d print.

Looks like they are trying to save Filament or rush by setting layer thickness to super thick.

I was going to get some kind of stock but I always hated that for index you have to permanently zip tie them on.

Would make my magnetic charging base impossible to use.


I was considering purchasing ProTubeVR for my Index controllers… but I would only really need it for two games I play… VTOL & Vox Machinae… But I’ve been stalling because I thought it too be too expensive for just two games. Then I ran into a cheaper alternative idea yesterday that I’m seriously considering…

Now knowing ATVR’s problems with the Protube… i’m now even more serious in getting this alternative edition.


Protube VR resolved this in private. He has taken onboard regarding the wrong product image / no product description / no mention of zip ties / no assembly manual or video / item is different as it’s newer version.

Ah interesting. I bought the old Index mag cups quite a long time ago and never had any problems with them. Glad they resolved it for you.

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Dunno if this helps but I put up a review of the ProTubeVR Index mag cups and ProTas units at the time, for VTOL and NMS.

Tbh I haven’t used them much for either game. My chair arms are a bit too wide plus, I haven’t played VTOL much recently anyway. I’ve played NMS quite a lot but I’m happy just resting the controllers on my lap when I fly.

I see that Thrustmaster T16000M :grinning: Got one myself, joystick, throttle and rudder pedals.

Here’s what I did for HOTAS on a spare office chair… I used 2 large VESA mounts that fitted perfectly onto the arms of my chair.


Ah very nice! I’d have to get a spare chair my current one is way too nice to hack :smile:

Actually the T16kM stick is gone, the Z twist broke which is a very common problem. I didn’t fancy another because I wasn’t so thrilled by the ergonomics and I wanted something with top quality parts and that was designed to be repairable rather than disposable, so I went for a VKB Gladiator K.

It’s more expensive but completely annihilates the old TM for feel and function, and I prefer the look too. I still use the TM throttle, works just fine for my needs.

Nice soundproofing tiles by the way :wink:


Those tiles were actually very cheap, spray glue and on the wall they went. Photo is 2 years old now, so I completely redecorated the VR room / mancave / office as I work from home now. Got a load of shelves for stacking, 5 shelves tall and got 2 of them for £70, does the job.

The Vesa mount I found on a forum somewhere ages ago, so I gave it a go and worked perfectly. The only movement is with the arms of the chair, which is hardly anything.

I’m a fan of VR and rarely touched flight sims even though I got the kit. I have the gunstock from Protube, so I dabble in different areas. As most people, some people phase in and out of VR. I can justifty all the kit I have to a certain point, but spending £100’s/£1000’s on HOTAS, for me, I can’t justify it. We all have different tastes, different amounts of spare time or funds for our hobbies, it’s realising when too many items is too much lol.

Getting my Reverb G2 from Santa, but not until January maybe. Jumping up from Vive OG to HP Reverb G2 will be massive. Got a 1080ti, so might get a RTX 3080 (TI) whenever they’re released, in stock and not stupidly priced. Other than that, I’m happy with what I have.

This is why I wanted to get the magcups for the Index controllers I literally got just 2 weeks ago, hence my original post about the 3D print quality and not correclty misrepresented on the website.

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you mean proTAS right?

Great idea and good work on that setup. I’ll probably borrow some ideas :slight_smile: quite annoying having to box up the hotas between uses… honestly keeps me from playing flight sims and games due to the setup time.

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