Question for PIMAX: Feature request. semi AR 3D Overlay

We see Facebook´s announcement about the Metaverse, Microsoft´s announcement about avatar integration with Teams. Regardless of the used AR sniper headset called hololens, or Apple´s new announced head set, I stick to bionic FoV approach of PIMAX or whoever will go the same pathway.
So please continue, it seems Your developments fit. I started with the 4K because of elimination of 3D TV sets, continued with the 5X+ and first true VR games and enjoyed the 8KX.

May I kindly ask to enhance the new headset with stereoscopic camera feature (we had threads here already) to simulate AR? It may be a separate software solution and just an isolated option, even cable based and an option, but this would allow really to interact with real world and virtual world. Of course, WiFi based would be better, but current limitations to be considered.
Yes it is not true AR but semiAR, unique selling point. In case You offer such solution I plan to pay for.
It would cover educational aspects, business aspects, scientific aspects as well, and… games…
From a business aspect, I would immediately recommend it for fairs, for R&D departments and service.

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