Question on shipping fees to Spain

Hi! I would like to know with whom I need to talk to complain about the shipping fees to Spain of the Pimax 8KX + controllers + lighthouse.

120USD I paid when shipping to USA is much cheaper. Around 80USD.

Shipping to Sweden and France is also around 80USD.

I found out that everybody has paid around 60-80USD. So why did I pay 120USD? It doesn’t make much sense.

Why did I get charge 120USD? That is an extra 40USD.



You might wanna ping @Asales for this

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Hi,I’m Lenny from Pimax. Would you tell me your order number? Our customer service will contact you to help you refund the extra 40USD.
Hoping it’s useful to you~


Hi @Lenny Lenny.

Thanks for your fast answer.

Order number is Receipt #1342-0695


Hi, I saw yesterday our colleagues investigated your case because we were also curious what happened for your shipment, did they contact you, did you got a response from our colleagues, I am here follow up. Thanks.

Lenny is helping you , is good , thanks.

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Hi @Amy. Yes, @Lenny contacted me.
Waiting for further instructions.

Hi @Lenny @Amy. How should we proceed for the refund?
Haven’t got any news yet.


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So people from the forum. I’m finally not getting a refund as I got the following reply from a ticket I had to open as I didn’t get any further answer nor instructions from @Lenny or @Amy.

Could you please confirm this is correct as other people in the same situation as me in Spain are paying 40USD less than me still?

This is the reply I got after posting the ticket:

"I’m sorry maybe our colleague didn’t explain it clearly.
Your order number is SO9563,Backer Upgrade Plan A + Plan E (Vision 8K X(Deluxe Audio Headstrap), Opt Out of All Your Stretch Goals Except Your Eye Tracking Discount)
Full Package Upgrade(Headset&Controller&Base Station).
You bought a 8K X headset and a set of base station&controller.Because it is delivered separately, the freight will be higher.
The cost of shipping the 8K X headset is $80,the cost of shipping the base station&controller is $35,total is $115,so i can’t apply a refund of shipping fee for you.
Thanks for your support and understanding.

Best regards

Sorry, Just came back from CES, will talk to Sally again for your shipping issues, thanks.