[Question] Volume for headphones with Pimax 8K X

Hi all, Hi @PimaxQuorra , Hi @PimaxUSA ,

I am using in ear headphones with my Pimax 8k X. I really prefer in ear headphones as they „isolate“ me from my surrounding.

The only strange thing is that i do need to turn down the overall volume in Windows to 5-8 (out of 100 max). While using in parallel Discord it becomes sometimes quite difficult to balance the game sound and the voice chat.

Am I the only one having these issues or is this „normal“ using the 8K X together with in ear headphones? I would expect to have the windows loudness level more at 30-40 in a „normal“ level.

Is anyone having the same experience or are you using your Pimax at loudness level more in the 30-40s?

And could someone please try this with his Pimax 8K X?

Thanks in advance.


I personally experienced the 8KX with the KDMAS, and the overall volume is Windows is set around 45-50.
But while using the Discord and in game, I still need to configure the sounds, to ensure my teammate’s voice chat and game sound are balanced.

ATM, never try the 8KX with in ear headphones, so I couldn’t share much on this. You may to configure the sounds setting in Discord and Games to find the balance.

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Even the stock KDMAS on mine is earrape levels of loud. I run it at literal 2% and in VRChat I consider the other people “real life volume” at anything near 20% the KDMAS is club volume for me. What is wrong with that Unit, I always hear the KDMAS is quieter than that

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strange. Maybe someone else can please check and write down their volumes.

I am not searching for complaints but rather a solution that i might not have found so far. :slight_smile:

Even tried to switch between different In-Ear Headphones but the result is always the same. Maybe I am missing some kind of “activatet” volume boost in Windows or the Pimax settings / software? Yesterday I needed to lower the volume even to 4 and keep “Space Pirate Trainer” at volume 1. Sadly the game does not support in-game sound level adjustments.

The SMAS from the headset is working fine but as stated i prefer the In-Ear solution.

Would be nice if some more Pimax users can just shortly note their used “volume” setting and type of headphones.

Maybe like this:

Headphone Type: Various In-Ear Headhones
Sound Volume: 5 (out of max 100)

Thanks everyone in advance.

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