Questions & Answers Jan 2020

Forwarded from December Discussion.


Warranty & RMA

Q1. Will the warranty of original backer headsets be extended to one year after receipt of the full backed package? Many headsets have sat unused and untested for nearly a year.

Answer: “Warranty Period” means twelve (12) months from the date You received the Product from Pimax.

Q2. Have Pimax considered a housing swap option as proposed here?

Answer: Not necessarily, but we will confirm Robin’s schedule.

Feature Updates

Q1. Can we have an update on 5k+ 120hz mode for serial # 202(aka black dot version)? If this version of 5k+ will not support 120hz can we RMA?

Answer: A compromise solution to this will update in the future.
Jan 4 2020 Update

Modular Audio Strap

Q1. If Opted for MAS deluxe can I Delay shipment of 8k+ until it can ship together?

Answer: Of course. please contact the customer service team at the helpdesk.

Q2. Which version of the MAS does the 8kX backers receive?

Answer: Backers will receive Standard MAS. Backers can Upgrade to Deluxe.

Upgrade Plans

Q1. Since 8kX is delayed can the Upgrade plans deadline be Extended?

Answer: I confirmed with the team, we will agree that extend the upgrade program. However, we will update the data before Dec 31. Thank you.

Q2. Does item #4 also include “Plan F” backer upgrades?

Answer: Yes, if you need to get the base station and controller before Christmas, please go to the helpdesk ask to cancel the order. Thank you.

Q3. As many backers have had difficulty with communicating “One Offs” outside of upgrade plans(ie 10m cable conversion). Is there a way to have these cases assigned to a specific Support member?

Answer: Now Matthew will convey backers’ wants to the team. if you have any questions, please @ Matthew.

Light Houses/Controllers.

Q1. Index Controller & LHes; will Australia Backers start shipping around end of Dec?

Answer: No, North America and Europe are first, then Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries are next.

Q2. How is index controller battery certification for second delivery countries going?

Answer: Please don’t worry about battery certification.

Q3. Is there any updates on Pimax Sword & Sword Sense Controllers?

Answer: A video about Pimax Sword has been uploaded, please visit here

Q4. Is there plans to demo latest Pimax Controller Prototypes at CES2020?

Answer: You can experience the Pimax Sword controller on CES 2020.


Q1. Any updates on the wireless module?

Q2. Will the wireless module work, even with the upscaler mode, on the Pimax 8KX?

Answer: I haven’t focused on the wireless module yet. I will check with the project team and let you know the latest progress.


Q1. How is the open source project progressing?

Q2. Will pimax continue to ensure Index Controller compatability after Sword Controllers released?

Q3. Will there be a stable release of Pitool in time for 8k+ & 8kX release?

Q4. With Pitool changelog can the Team include Occulus SDK version compatability?

Answer: I’ll confirm these four questions to Alex and then I’ll answer them.


Q1. If standard MAS ships on Jan, how can they ship 8K+ with MAS on Dec?

Answer: Ship the comfort kit with 8K+ first, and ship standard MAS later separately.

Q2. If MAS (Deluxe) was selected as an option for 8K+, can I receive 8K+ only after March? Or does 8K+ ship in December and MAS (Deluxe) ship separately in March?

Answer: Yes, the 8K+ ship in December and MAS (Deluxe) ship separately in March.

Q3. Who pays for the shipping if you send the MAS or the DAS separately ?

Answer: Regarding the shipping, we will to discuss the delivery. Separately or together.
I don’t think you need to pay extra shipping. The company will certainly provide you with the best solution. Send it separately or together, the choice is yours.

Q4. I’d like to receive the basestations with the other stuff, MAS and such. I’m not keen to wait them to ship with the Pimax controllers.

Answer: This is possible if you are willing to wait for delivery together.

Q5. If i chose to ship everything at once, shouldn’t you reduce the shipping charge?

Answer: If you choose to ship together, you can make comments on any of your orders. Because the orders are related, we can find all your orders. But, the shipping is charged according to the weight of the goods, not according to the shipments. Thank you.

Q6. With the delay of the 8kX can we opt to switch to 8k+ at anytime prior to 8kX Release? And be refunded the difference?

Answer: Yes, of course.