Rasp Pi Alternative: Axiomtek Ryzen Powerhouse

This Powerhouse looks to be quite nice. Though no price yet.

This could give an interesting portable option for WMR headset & other lower Headsets like Rift S and more. I am Borg. :laughing:


GPU is just powerful enough it might be useful for some VR related things. Very borderline though.


CPU side is much more interesting. Probably enough to satisfy the responsiveness expected for modern web browsing, some CAD modeling, etc.

Supposedly, the passmark score is in the 7000 range, with a 2103 single thread rating.
AMD Ryzen V1807B

In theory, this makes it comparable if not superior to, the AMD FX processors (albeit some of those could be overclocked a lot).


@Pumcy did an Article testing Amd Apu on WMR and it performed much better than Intel igpu.

Now of course not going to be able to compete with a legit discrete gpu. But did well on some games. Where as Intel tanked(not surprising but wmr was supposed to be somewhat optimized to use Intel graphics).

The fx9350 was a heavily stock overclock 8350

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Is that a PCI express connector on that board?

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Yes 2 mini. 1 for storage and 1 for something like a wifi card. B & E slots if mem serves

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The big thing on the left that you might be mistaking for pcie is the slot for sodimm ram.

Up to 16g ddr4 2400 or 3200 ram. But also 2 mini xpress slots 1 for storage and 1 for something like a wifi card.

Requires a 12v power supply.

Perfect. This could work for a prototype!

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Indeed this board is very intriguing. Now if can only get a price would be awesome.

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Is there an intel variant?

Not sure. Did notice in the Article there was a suggested Article about an intel 8th gen? But looked to be another mfgr.

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Here is the link for convenience

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no PCI express though. Cool find

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