Realteus sim shaker seat (NOW DELIVERED)

ordered one of these before it changed name in july as i remember they were called forcefeel ,now realteus they are shit poor at responding to proper questions and in 3 months of production something like 40 people received an item and now they are as quiet as hell not a wispa of any more deliveries.(We have some news now)

anyone thinking of getting on the pre order be warned its all a bit nothings happening ,im 1200 somthinin line to get one so you get the picture


I have been using the forcefeel jetseat for the last year. Think its same product. Very realistic feedback in games with software support like assetto corsa and DCS. Sadly no support for elite dangerous or Il2. Six motors in total, one stopped working recently but doesn’t make too much difference.

Realteus <>



Today at 16:59

Dear Gary,

As a valued customer I am writing to give you a quick update on the status of your order. We deeply apologize for the delay in response, mainly due to the holidays between December 23 and January 2. All enquiries are in the process of being answered.

There have been some delays with our logistics process and are moving as quickly as possible to get your product to you as soon as possible. The main reason for this is that the final batch has reached the port in Germany on December 21, just before the Christmas holidays.

We originally expected that the pickup from port should not take a long time, unfortunately, the holidays and the administrative process, which is beyond our control, interrupted the delivery to our warehouse.

We are waiting for further information to continue the warehouse delivery and customs clearance. We will inform you and as soon as we do we will be shipping right to your doorstep.

Again, our deep apologies for the inconvenience.

We wish you a happy and healthy New Year full of exciting and unique virtual reality experiences with Realteus!

Your Sincerely,

Tomas Jandecka


Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at +420 228 883 732 (EU) Monday-Friday 08:00 AM - 7:00 PM CET or


I wished i had gone for that one and maybe upgraded (if that is )when new version is available of the shelf ,im not yet but can see my self getting involved with elite at some point so i really hope that gets some support,
shame about the motor but good its not one of the noticeable ones :grinning:

I wonder how this compares to the buttkickers I bought many years ago but still use today…

I have two buttkickers that I put on both sides of the chair and I can control them with wired remotes…

These buttkickers don’t require any drivers… they simply plug into the soundcard and provide feedback by the sound that is coming out of the computer so they work great in games and videos. The only issue I’ve had with the buttkickers is that they can be loud if you want intensive movement… so you need to use them with headsets… but when flying or driving… it provides sensation of movement for everything… seat, steering wheel, pedals, rudders, flight controllers, etc…

Yeah the buttkicker LFE is the real deal but it NEEDS to go with a good amplifier in order to really shine.
There are basically two versions of butt kickers out there, one cheap ass which is more like a rumble feeling a gets quite loud with annoying click sounds and the more expensive one (~300-400$) that really inject bass frequencies into your body down to 5!!! Hz.

Those low frequencies u usually can’t hear but you can certainly feel them which is a great experience. Basskickers were originally designed for musicians that needed to lower their environmental volume like drummers that play with in ear monitoring which is usually not capable of delivering low frequencies (e.g. musical drummers lock with bass player that way)
But u can mount them basically everywhere, even on a floor. I’d say one kicker covers 1-2 m2. So they work even for standing experiences but then I’d recommend a metal plate to deliver the best experience.
Otherwise you can mount them on your PC chair, Couch (which is great for movies after midnight in order not to screw with your neighbours basswize) or racing rig.

I presented those quite some years ago at the international music exhibition in Frankfurt for a german company called Fisher Amp. Btw. those guys deliver great in ears, best bang for the buck even better than the ultimate ears that they distribute as well.

I’m also not that convinced of those shaker cushions as they probably need almost full body contact to really shine. Ok if you play racing games only where you back is pressed to the chair it may work but as soon you lean to the front I guess you’ll lose much of the effect. With a good buttkicker it applies to the whole chair and even may reach other parts of your body as well…through your butt though :slight_smile:


Ive never tried buttkickers but the vibration seat also has a sound only mode which works quite well for non software supported games. But isn’t there some sim software available for buttkickers to respond to in game action?

No software. None that I know of anyway. I purchased my buttkickers almost 10 years ago… I haven’t kept up with any changes or anything with them but I don’t think they make any software.

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I guess I have two of the “cheap ass” ones… the price of those two equals the price of the expensive one but cheap ones come with amplifiers. I originally purchased these devices for car-racing sims… they do a good job simulating that feel. But they are really awesome when I play Mech Warrior. But as you say, they can get loud and do have this annoying tick sounds… you have to use headphones when using them. I don’t hear these annoying sounds when I play using headphones. I like that they cause vibration throughout my entire simpit. But I also can’t use them when the wife wants to watch tv in the same room.


If those went with an equalizer, try to dial down around 25-35 Hz, that should help a little to get rid of the mechanical sounds. You could probably try to do this via software as well. I think yours are Fischer Amps as well but branded by another company and released for a different Kind of costumers. Having tried the cheapest ones called Bass shaker (garbage) and the high end model I really think that 1 Butt Kicker will be absolutely enough. So no need to have 2, which may help in evaluating the costs 2 cheaper vs 1 expensive. Tried those on a couch as well, really great. If I were a simmer I’d get those right away. I hardly play VR seated though.

Edit: as these do not deliver sound in a traditional way you could go with a cheaper but powerful enough amp. So no need to spend lots of cash on a high end amp as well. I usually need to wash my mouth after saying the name but in this case behringer may be a good bang for the buck

It really depends on the chair/setup. I have the Obutto Ozone simpit… that’s a really solid heavy setup where I really can’t put a single shaker centered. Also, by having two, I can lower the intensity on both which would be equal to a higher intensity of a single device… so the two working together helps keep the annoying tick volume way down.

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You’re probably right, not beeing able to center them may be a problem, although I was surprised how the big ones could spread across the floor with little to none difference while standing. On a regular drummer chair I never needed more that 20% of the volume, that made me think that it could easily cover more complicated structures as well. Worked on a 3 seated couch…we’re talking 500 watts

I run 4 cheap ass transducers through 2 cheap ass lepy amps, using a cheap ass 5.1 sound card…all in around £175

The rather expensive (in comparison) Sim Commander 4 makes them kick my ass quite effectively…this is specific to car racing games though.

Highly recommended, I don’t know what running vibration from sound outputs does other than give you a massage and a rumbly bumbly… lol

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I run one at each corner in what is known as chassis mode, simulating the effects of kerbs etc. on each wheel individually, it’s far more realistic and noticeable in VR than if I take the headset off.

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Well, you’d be right with the ones that are basically nothing more than a rumbly bumbly :slight_smile:
But the the “good” ones (really depends what you are using it for, since your 4 corners setup really seems to be a very cool idea, beeing sperated and you get sorta feeling of direction) give you that low and deep “ooohpm” throughout you body with explosions, earthquake ect. It’s not a rumbly bumbly “drrrrrrrr” clicky sound that indeed might suffice for car sims with a different effect in mind. Either way, I can’t imagine a seat cushion to deliver on either of those use cases.
Too narrow to give a sense of direction whether something happens FL FR BL BR, too tiny to deliver really deep shaking frequencies. Btw. deep bass sounds in general are hardly locatable, that’s also why positioning of subwoofers is not as picky like fronts an rears

I might be wrong, but I guess I’m not :slight_smile:

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there is a software called Simvibe but its aimed at sevaral kickers together but think theres a cheaper version out there somwhere ,
cant say ive seen anything thats better value than realteus yet,
but its been the same old story long time coming and not alot of communication come to think of it it didnt even look like one reply in 5


WOW… I never heard of SimVibe until now. Thank you for the information!

I also found an alternative to SimVibe … a product called SIMSHAKER Wheels. It costs approx 1/3 the cost of SimVibe but appears to be limited to certain driving apps but I could be wrong. I’ll have to do some more research on this as I never knew there were software add-on’s to buttkickers to improve immersion.

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Yeah I use simshaker with my jet seat. Very precise response to driving over curbs in assetto corsa & project cars and there is also a wings version that even simulates g effects when turning, diving etc in x plane & DCS. The guy who wrote the software is called andre and is very present on simulator forums.

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simshaker wheels is what i chose as a bonus for pre order ,looking forward to trying it ,i have a bass shaker on my set up ,very load even at low hz on the amp ,but so much more immersive

More news should get mine posted around 24 january :smile: looks like they are starting to get things moving ,will keep you posted

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