Received my eye tracking on Friday

As I said I received my eye tracking two days ago and finally got it hooked up yesterday. Took a little while to get it installed. Forget the little quick start card that they send with it for it is worthless. I had to go online to the forums to actually see how to install it, but I left protective lens covering on so that I wouldn’t scratch the lenses or anything while I made sure it would fit properly. The mask cutout was really easy because the rubber is very pliable. After I got the two magnetic Rings installed it was pretty easy after that. The two magnetic rings have to slip under the material to keep it steady in place which took a little bit of effort. My idea is 6.4 so I didn’t have to make the cutout larger so far.
The lenses have to align with the small alignment bumps on the rings then it pops right on. I then put the mask back on in place, it’s a little tricky because you have to get it up under the cable that powers the hmd. After that is Pops in place. It also took a while to find out where to find the calibration table, I finally found it and it’s not the greatest tool in the world first of all it wasn’t centered on my picture screen it was way off to the right corner and second when it would calibrate your eye movement with the red dots, it works pretty good but when you have the ring and it supposed to follow your eyes wherever you point them to show where your eyes are looking, each ring the one the center of the ones on the outside it would only do it really good on my left side and hardly at all on the right but I went on and decided to go to the next step
I hooked up the cable and then powered on my hmd. The game I play the most is Skyrim VR with about 400 mods, I use a RTX 2080 super but it ran poorly I would have to turn all of the resolutions down and still have a lot of stuttering and very poor image quality. Very unplayable. I turned on the game with eye tracking installed and everything ran but very blocky and pixelated even when I turned up the resolution. So I turned the cable around and Wella it worked with a really smooth appearance. I was even able to turn up the resolution some Moore. My frames became more stable using FPSVR it showed that it was running between 75 and 45 frames per second but the average was usually around 50 to 60 frames per second. I still get some Jitter at the beginning of the game but it usually stabilizes later and that’s a different subject that are already texted them about. I don’t know what they did to fix the problems they were having before but obviously mine’s working pretty good and I can’t wait to get RTX 3080 or 3090 so I can see how much better my games will play.


Do you have the cable that came in the box plugged into your headset, or do you have a longer cable plugged from your eye tracking into the PC?


Just the little short stubby one that comes in the Box haven’t hooked it up to my computer at all


How does ET affect CPU frame times in Skyrim? I cancelled my ET order as with FFR enabled, CPU frame times went up from 9-10 to >20. Guess til will be the same with DFR, totally unplayable (over 500 mods)

We were getting around a 36% improvement in Skyrim.

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I’ll let you know when I get back on @Raymondo but from what I remember it was running pretty good on my 2080 super

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Following, Skyrim VR is my main use case as well.

If DFR works as it is supposed to I will purchase.

Does anyone know how the eye tracking behaves with glasses?

What CPU do you have Raymondo?

Yes, I did too, but on vanilla settings. Pushing lots of mods it became too taxing on the cpu unfortunately…

I’m running an overclocked 9700k, so that should not be the problem.

Yeah you shouldn’t have much problem with that one I have an i7 5930k and it averages 30 to 40 and sometimes down to 12 sometimes it up to 59%

Vanilla Skyrim FFR: Off

Vanilla Skyrim FFR: On

Modded Skyrim FFR:Off

Modded Skyrim FFR: On

CPU frame times are almost x2 with FFR enabled in both cases… It’s really a bummer as this was the only reason I wanted ET :roll_eyes:

Edit: I also run uGridstoload at 7, this might contribute some to increase cpu load. Nothing beats the sight of Whiterun lit up with Claralux light mod at night :star_struck:


Found out I was mistaken I did not realize when you unplug eye tracking you have to go back to pitool and then reset it, so when I plugged it back in it wasn’t reset, but since I found that mistake it’s crappy even when I ran it through my Alienware Area 51 R2 it was crappy so everything was blocked and pixelated

I’ll try and rerun it set up tomorrow

anyway i’ve done some testing with skyrim with quite some mods that brought 3080 to it’s knees.

SS 100% 63 fps
SS 200% 38 fps
SS 100% with DFR 63fps (dunno why is it same result but it just is)
SS 200% with DFR 46fps

Done with balanced setting on DFR, looking out from whiterun gate towards the mountains. image quality is just excellent I’ve never seen skyrim in such fidelity in VR. Going from 100% to 200% i really didn’t see an improvement over the already excellent picture. (Which is good, its already very good)

Its too early to come to a conclusion on the ET just yet but my real world initial results are here, perhaps more ppl could share their experiences on the ET? This is obviously my own result from my own hardware, ymmv.

Next test would be on falloutVR.

Rtx 3080
16gb 3466mhz


im surprised u can bring the 3080 to its knees in skyrimvr. maybe its the cpu

Well at 200% SS and max settings, with many mods I think thats reasonable. Good thing ryzen 5000 is coming. But anyway dfr gave a 20% in performance gain, with some image quality reduction.

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I would like to know where are you finding DFR at all I’m seeing is ffr

When You have the eye tracking module installed and aSeeVR is running (PiTool will check for it and prompt You to start it if needed) enabling FFR actually enables DFR apparently… :wink:

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Well I must be doing something wrong because it’s not helping my eye tracking whatsoever everything is pixelated really bad I can’t even read the printing in Skyrim

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