Recentering SteamVR?

Feeling so frustrated right now…
Trying to race with some friends, but I cannot recenter SteamVR.
I have a new Xbox controller, none of the buttons work in vr.
Tried setting up bindings…nope
Every game I try, the screen is 90deg to my left,and I cannot get it to center.
PE centers perfectly fine…
How do I recenter without VR controller, buttons on the headset.
Just using a gamepad, or even keyboard?

Check your games there is usually an option to recenter in Game and in game settings you can usually bind recenter to Gamepad.

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How to Recenter and Reorient Your Playspace in SteamVR (

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thanks, but without a button on the HMD or a VR controller that won’t work.
I only have a MS gamepad and that won’t work on the dash.

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That is weird on my xbox controller it us sekect ir start to summon the dashboard.

do you use a special binding?
If yes, care to share?
I have this:

No special bindings this was default from SteamVR. My XB1 controller is wired.

Afterglow - Prismatic Wired Controller

PDP Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox One (048-121-NA) - Xbox One

I bought it considerably cheaper than this link.

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